SERC SCHOOL ON COMPLEX FLUIDS  (Janaury 3-5, 2012) Complex fluids are made up of large organized structures of  atoms and molecules and are very different from simple  fluids. The rheological behaviors of these fluids are also  different from simple Newtonian fluids and because of their  complex rheological response they are called as complex  fluids. Complex fluids are encountered in several industries  such as chemical, petroleum, food and allied processing  industries in the form of suspensions, colloidal dispersions,  emulsions, powders, foams, polymeric liquids, etc. Through  the proposed SERC School on Complex fluids we aim to  bring together young researchers and teachers from  educational and R&D institutions, and expose them to the  basic concepts and research techniques used in the study of  flow behavior of complex fluids. The lectures on various  aspects of complex fluids will be delivered by experts from  various academic and research institutions of the country.  We also propose to have laboratory  sessions in addition to  the lectures. The school will be useful to the participants in  their teaching and research skills so that they can undertake  research in challenging fundamental as well as industrial  problems involving complex fluids.  SIXTH  SYMPOSIUM ON COMPLEX FLUIDS (January 6-7, 2012) The national symposium on complex fluids, held every two  years, started at IISc Bangalore in December 2002.  Subsequently the next four in series were held at NCL Pune  (January 2005), IIT Kanpur (December 2006), IIT Bombay  (February 2008) and IIT Madras (January 2010). There are  now a growing number of researchers in India, from  disciplines as diverse as physics, chemistry, biotechnology,  mechanical engineering to chemical engineering, who are  interested in the broad theme of complex fluids. IIT  Guwahati, which now has many people working in the area of  complex fluids, is proud to announce the sixth symposium on  complex fluids to be held on 6th and 7th January 2012 at the  conference center of the Institute. The symposium will  immediately follow the proposed DST-sponsored SERC  school on complex fluids intended for teachers and young  researchers from engineering colleges, universities and  industry. The proposed symposium will be open to the  participants of the SERC school. We hope that this will  expose them to the state-of-the-art developments in the area  of complex fluids besides giving them a chance to interact  with the experts.  | Copyright @ 2011. Department of Chemical Engineering. IIT Guwahati | All Rights Reserved Developed & Managed by Jayanta Lectures for School Symposium Topics Download Brochure Symposium Speakers List of Participants Organized by: Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati- 781039, Assam, India URL: Sponsors:, Department of Science & Technology (DST), URL: TA Instrments URL: