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Welcome. The Water Resources Engineering department at IIT Guwahati consists of a vibrant group of faculties, students and scientific officers motivated towards higher research in this entire domain. Water resources engineering is one of the most diverse departments with their work having several applications.

The Water Resources Engineering laboratory provides support to both undergraduate and graduate, teaching so that students have the opportunity to see by themselves the essential fluid mechanics principles. The hydraulics laboratory has flumes for undertaking cutting edge research in the area of pipe flow, open-channel flow, sediment transport processes and other dedicated equipments like Venturimeters, Pelton wheel, Kaplan and Francis turbines and Reynold's apparatus. Work is also being carried out in land use and land cover classification, river migration, water-shed delineation, flow accumulation and hill slope hydrology. This lab is also equipped with instruments like DGPS, Spectro-radiomenter and Canopy analyzer. Latest software such as Geomatica, MIKE 21C & CCHE2D have been installed on different computers in the Laboratory to carry out coursework.

The major areas of current research in this field include meso-scale distributed hydrological modeling, RS and GIS for water resources management, Computational river hydraulics, stochastic subsurface hydrology, heuristic method in reservoir optimization, GIS based Water shed modeling, Dam break analysis, Flow through porous media, Sediment dynamics in fluvial systems, Environmental impact assessment.

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