Short Term Course on

Recent Developments in Biomass Deployment Technologies for Energy, Fuel and Bio-products

Conducted by: Centre for Energy

Due to some unavoidable reason short-term course has been postponed until further notice. Those who have applied earlier will remain valid. Demand Draft will be returned back shortly.

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There is an ever increasing interest in developing biomass based technologies to meet our demand for energy, liquid fuels and products, while reducing environmental pollution, addressing climate change concerns, and security of supply issues. Globally, it has become an endeavor for establishment of bio-refineries that will convert biomass into a range of valuable fuels, chemicals, materials, and products, much like oil refineries and petrochemical plants do. This co-production strategy offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and integrated approach to the utilization of our nation’s biomass resources. As a renewable resource, biomass is considered as either a feedstock or waste and due to government incentives, corporate sustainability goals and climate change initiatives, a majority of the conversion technologies use biomass to produce various forms of renewable energy, which includes electrical power, thermal energy, renewable natural gas, biodiesel, jet fuel, and ethanol. Biomass also can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels in the manufacturing of high value products including plastics, lubricants, industrial chemicals, and many other products derived from petroleum or natural gas. Biomass based technologies has the potential to manage the available biomass resources in several diverse routes and thus can provide innumerable prospects for economical and environmentally friendly solutions for meeting the growing demand for energy, fuel and bio-products. The primary objective of this short term course is to share know-how of state of the art technologies for biomass conversion into various forms of renewable energy and bio-products. The course tends to provide the engineers and researchers an in-depth understanding of recent development made in biomass conversion technologies. The course is intended to be multidisciplinary, reflecting the many scientific and engineering disciplines involved, and is anticipated to be very helpful for teachers, engineers and researchers thriving to consider the subject matter for teaching and research purpose. The pedagogy session is designed so as to enamor the participants with a comprehensive technical detail. It is aimed to inspire them and their students and audience to develop interest in process development, plant design, product formulation, entrepreneurship development, and commercialization routes related to biomass based technologies. The course shall be of five days. In addition to online lectures, online laboratory demonstrations have also been planned for the participants.


Technology options for biofuel from algae, challenges and potential .
Bio Energy Systems for Energy generation and Energy Storage
Microalgae as bio factories for high value products and derived pharmaceutical
Bioprocess engineering for biofuel
Biofuel Cells for Power Generation and Biosensor Application
Green engineering for energy, fuel and chemicals
Biomass Gasifier for Thermal and Power applications
Bioprocess for converting Natural Gas into Liquid Fuels (Bio-GTL).
Genetic engineering of bioenergy plants.
Bio-inspired adaptive building envelope
Biotransformation of waste to biofuels and other valuable products
Research methodologies for promoting biomass technologies
Development of catalyst for biotransformation.
The role of biomass and bioenergy in future economy.
Contribution of biomass technologies for societal up-liftment
Online laboratory demonstrations of energy technologies

Topics to be covered

• Energy technologies for conversion of biomass to energy.
• Biotransformation process and catalyst for biofuel.
• Algae for biofuel and bio-products.
• Biological electrochemical system for power and biosensor applications.
• Green engineering for energy, fuel and chemicals
• Plant tissue culture engineering for bioenergy plants
• Research methodologies and scope for societal contribution bioenergy technologies
• Online laboratory demonstrations of energy technologies).



Selection Criteria


Number of seats: 30

Selection will be based on First cum first serve basis and subject to the deposition of refundable fee (Rs 2000.00) in the form of demand draft in favor of Registrar, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam 781039.

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