Internet Settings for IITG Network

For accessing Internet in IIT Guwahati network, please follow the below mentioned simple steps:

  1. For static IP address schemes like Departments, sections and hostels, an user needs to modify only the DNS address as given below:
    primary     DNS:
    secondary DNS:

    All other IP details(IP address, netmask, gateway) shall remain same (as provided by respective deptt./section/hostels as per their IP plan).
    (For DHCP/automatic IP address schemes, restart your device to get new DNS)

  2. Remove proxy settings from your device(if any) . Make it none/no-proxy/direct connection.
  3. Open any Internet website(avoid as it has some captive portal issues) in your browser; it will show a captive portal asking your IITG login credentials.  This credentials are same with previous webmail/ERP credientials , but NOT  the OUTLOOK/OFFICE365/PROXY credentials. Login to the portal and start accessing internet using the same. If you have forgotten your credentials then use this link to reset your password. For any IITG login credentials related issue lodge a complain in IITG CBS under Automation category. If automatic captive portal login page doesnot appear, then open this login link in your browser: 

Important Notes:

  • CCC strongly recommends users to logout from the system once their Internet session is over. If by mistake any user closes the login window, then the user may go to the link:    to logout (you can bookmark this link for easy reference). CCC shall not be responsible for any misuse due to unattended login session of an user.
  • Proxy-based internet access shall be discontinued from upcoming new Academic session.
  • Controlled Website categories