Dr. Mallikarjuna C.
Associate Professor

Tel: +91-361-258 2424 (O);
258 4424 (R)

Fax: +91-361-269 0762

E-mail: c.mallikarjuna@iitg.ernet.in , chmallikarjuna@yahoo.com


· Ph.D – Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (2007)

· M.Tech – Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2001)

· B.E (Civil)– Andhra University Engineering College (1999)

Professional Experience

· Associate Professor - IIT Guwahati (From March - 2014 to till date)

. Assistant Professor – IIT Guwahati (From September – 2008 to February - 2014)

· Senior Lecturer – IIT Guwahati (From August 2007 to August 2008)

· Lecturer – K.L. College of Engineering , Vijayawada (From October 2001 to September 2002)

Research Interest

· Traffic flow theory and Modeling

· Traffic data collection and analysis

· Travel demand modeling


· Selected for DAAD student exchange program to pursue M. Tech project work in Technical University , Dresden , Germany

Professional Membership

· Life member – Indian Society for Technical Education

· Student member – American Society for Civil Engineers

Referred Journals:

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Conference Proceedings :

In International Conferences

Mallikarjuna, Ch., and Ramachandra Rao, K., (2005), Traffic flow modeling on Highways using Cellular Automata. International Conference, Structural and Road Transportation Engineering , pp 912-919.

Mallikarjuna, Ch., and Ramachandra Rao, K., (2006), "Modelling passenger car equivalency under heterogeneous traffic conditions", 2 2nd ARRB Conference , Canberra , Australia , Oct-Nov 2006

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Ramachandra Rao, K., Mallikarjuna, C., R. Singh, Estimation of Delay at Signalized Intersections Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions, 8th International Conference and Workshop on Transportation Planning & Implementation Methodologies for Developing Countries 2008 (TPMDC-08), IIT Bombay, Mumbai, 3-6 Dec 2008

Mallikarjuna, C., and Ramachandra Rao, K. Developing and Validating A Simulation Model For Heterogeneous Traffic, TRB Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 11-15 Jan 2009

In National Conferences

K. Ramachandra Rao, Ch. Mallikarjuna and S. Jain, Effect of Heterogeneity of Traffic on Delay at Signalized Intersections: A Comparison with Highway Capacity Manual 2000, National Conference on Civil Engineering Systems (CES-2006) Conference, June 2006, pp 353- 363, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Ch. Mallikarjuna and K. Ramachandra Rao, Study of Traffic Characteristics under Mixed Traffic Conditions National Conference on Civil Engineering Systems (CES-2006) Conference, June 2006, pp 409- 420, Osmania University, Hyderabad.


UG Courses taught/teaching

B. Tech

CE 304 – Transportation Engineering I

CE 310 – Transportation Engineering II

PG Courses taught/teaching

CE 628 – Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation

CE 581 – Urban Transportation Systems Planning

CE 617 - Discrete Choice Modeling

Course Conducted
Computer aided Traffic engineering analysis and design, AICTE sponsored QIP short course. 24 -28, Nov-08.

Project Guidance


Mr. Partha Pratim Sarkar, 2009 - 2014. Presently Assistant Professor at NIT Agartala, Agartala.

Mr. Dibyendu Pal, 2010 - 2015. Presently Assistant Professor at NERIST, Itanagar, Itanagar.

Mr. Syed B. Omar, 2010 - In Progress.



Dibyendu Pal, Analysis of the Effect of Gap Maintaining Behavior on Traffic Flow Models.


Rahul T. M., Macroscopic Modeling of Heterogeneous Traffic.

Mario G. Pradeep, Analysis of Macroscopic Characteristics of Heterogeneous Traffic

Kuleshwar Verma, Analysis of Relationships of Heterogeneous Traffic Characteristics


Bhavthratan, Macroscopic traffic flow modeling

Ashok, J., Evaluation of urban roads using Indirect methods

Chaitanya, Capacity analysis under heterogeneous traffic conditions


Santhosh Kadavy, Developing First Order Macroscopic model for Heterogeneous Traffic

T. Santhi Jagadeeshwari, Analysis of the non-motorized mode choice behavior in the context of developing countries

Devarshi Pratap Singh, Impact of land use mix on trip behvaior


Amit Mote, Induction loop base traffic detectors for Heterogeneous Traffic

Rupjyoti Bordoloi, Analysis and Modeling of land use effect on Travel Behavior

Tharun Budde, Analysis of lateral gap maintaining behavior of vehicles moving in heterogeneous traffic stream


Pratap Kumar Pradhan, Heterogeneous Traffic flow modeling using Cell Transmission Model

Sandep, Significance of Residential Sorting effect in work trip mode choice decisions

Siddharth Vishwakarma, Identification of important model parameters and development of GUI for heterogeneous traffic simulation

Ujjwal Sugandhi, Analysis and Modeling of Lateral position adjustments of Motorized two-wheelers in the heterogeneous traffic stream


I Naveen Chandra, Determination of Choice set availability to the Individual Trip Makers in case of flexible public or intermediate public transport network

Pranab Kar, Heterogeneous Traffic flow modeling using CTM


P V Suvin, Analysis of congested traffic conditions in heterogeneous Traffic Stream



Guru Chaitanya G., Data collection for the activity based travel demand modeling using internet


Preveen Kumar M., Mode choice modeling for intercity transportation in India: A case study of Guwahati to Five metro cities

Aishvarya Agarwal, Modeling choice between high cost and low cost air carriers from Guwahati to Five Metropolitan cities

Chandra Bhushan Singh, Analysis and modeling of airline fare differentiation


Karthik Junnuri, Intercity Travel demand modeling: A case study of Guwahati to Five metro cities

Akshay Singh, Analysis of the applicability of Area occupancy in describing heterogeneous traffic

Research/Consultancy Projects

Sponsored Research:

Traffic data collection on mid-block sections of urban roads using Video Image Processing Technique. sponsored by IIT Guwahati as a startup grant for new faculty. Amount: 5 lakhs.

Vehicle gap maintaining behavior under varying traffic conditions and its effect on flow-occupancy relationships. Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, India. Amount: Rs. 14 lakhs.

Evaluation of the urban road network in terms of the traffic and road way conditions: a case study of Guwahati. Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, India. Amount: Rs. 27.4 lakhs.

Determining the suitability of Assam aggregates of different sources as ingredients for micro-surfacing. Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, India. Amount: Rs. 42.2 lakhs. (PI - Dr. Lyngdoh)

Other Activities:

Chairman, Hostel Affairs Board, April 2015 - Till date

Warden, Siang Hostel, August 2012 - March 2015

Associate warden, Siang Hostel, May 2011 - August 2012

Faculty In-charge, Placements, Civil Engineering Department

Department Postgraduate Program Committee Member, Civil Engineering Department

Faculty Advisor, 4th year B. Tech students


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