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As per an MoU signed on the twenty sixth day of September 2008, between the President of India (Through Senior Joint Commissioner (PP), Ministry of Water Resource, Govt. of India) and The Indian Institude of Technology Guwahati (Through Director,IIT Guwahati), a chair entitled "Bimala Prasad Chaliha Chair for Water Resources" was established in IIT Guwahati. Following established selection procedure of IIT Guwahati a selection committee comprising of members from IIT Guwahati, Ministry of Water Resources and Expert from other IITs selected Prof. Arup Kumar Sarma for the post of Bimla Prasad Chaliha Chair Professor at IIT Guwahati and appoinment to the post was made during September 2009. Prof. sarma worked as Chair Professor from 15th September 2009 till 14th September 2014. Since then Chair Professor position remain vacant, as appointed to the chair was not made until January 22nd 2016. Selection committee meeting held during December 2015 has appointed Prof. Arup Kumar Sarma for the second term for a period of 3 years with effect from 26th December 2015 vide letter No. FA/293/BPC-Chair/11/2481 dated 22nd January 2016. Since then Prof. Arup Kumar Sarma has taken the responsibility of B.P. Chaliha Chair Professor for the second term.


  • The main objective of the chair is to carry out studies on water resources with special emphasis on assessment of effect of climate change on it and adaptation strategies in respect of planning, design and management of water resources system of particularly Brahmaputra Basin. An important activity for the Chair was set to transfer of technology to various organizations of MPOWR/GOI.
  • To take part in the academic programme of the IIT/Guwahati as full time profess or/faculty in Water Resources Engineering.
  • To develop R&D programme relevant to the needs of various organizations of MOWR/GOI in the related areas.
  • To initiate and develop human resources development (HRD) programmes relevant to the needs of various organizations of MOWR/GOI and to coordinate courses for their officers.
  • To review available design standards and suggests and suggest necessary changes/modification to accommodate the effect of climate change in design of water resources systems.


The Professor is expected to provide leadership in conducting and coordinating research, development and teaching in the area of water resources with emphasis on effect of climate change and adaptation strategies in one or more of the activities covered under the scope of knowledge, HRD programmes, advice to MOWR/GOI or its organizations on specific areas related to the Chair, coordination of R&D activities with organizations under MOWR/GOI on the subjects related to the studies on effect of climate change on water resources and other relevant issues as referred by organizations under MOWR/GOI under the overall directions of the Management Committee as per clause 5 of the “Term & Conditions”.