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Course Details

Code: BT 630

Title: Physical Cell Biology

Credits: 3  0  0  6 

Instructor: B. Anand

Duration:  Mon (10-10.55); Tue (11-11.55); Fri (9-10)

Venue:  1006

Pre-requisite: Nil

Motto: To obtain quantitative insights on the underlying biological complexity by the application of physical models


Space and time inside a living cell, their scales and hierarchy; Model systems: haemoglobin, bacteriophage, E. coli, yeast, fruit fly and man; Mechanical and chemical equilibrium in a living cell; Applications of entropy and statistical mechanics; Two state systems; Random walks; Protein electrostatics; Beam theory of cellular architecture; Biological membranes: springiness, shape and energetics; Hydrodynamics of water and fluid dynamics of blood; Low Reynolds number world; Diffusion in the cell; Life in the crowded and disordered environments; Rate equations in the cell; Molecular motors, biological electricity and the Hodgkin-Huxley model.


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4. Milo & Philips, Cell Biology by the Numbers,  Garland Science, 2016

5. Contemporary Journal Articles

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