Mechanistic Approaches to Biology Lab

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B. Anand
Principal Investigator
PhD (IIT Kanpur)

Sunanda Chhetry
Graduate Student (PhD)


Rohan Pal
Graduate Student (PhD)


Neha Mariam Unnoony
Graduate Student (PhD)


Debayan Raha
Graduate Student (PhD)

Debayan had done M.Sc. in Zoology (Special paper: Cytogenetics and Molecular biology) from Darjeeling Government College (under the University of North Bengal).  He joined IITG Special PhD program in December 2021 through CSIR (NET)-JRF fellowship. His area of interest is Evolutionary biology and Molecular biology.


Lopamudra Chandra
Graduate Student (PhD)

Sibojyoti Bakshi
Graduate Student (MTech)

Sandip Das Adhikary
Graduate Student (MTech)

Siddhant Ravindra Jagtap
Under Graduate Student (BTech) [siddhant18[at]*]

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