High Performance Computing (3-0-0-6)
Theme: Mobile Cloud Computing/FoG Computing/Edge Computing

Instructor : A. Sahu TAs : Chinmaya Swain
Lecture time and Venue: Time slot C (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00-11.00AM), L1

Post Covid-19 Grading Policy: Mid Sem Exam 60%, End Sem Exam 20%, Project 20% weightage. Earlier Grading Policy: Mid Sem Exam 30%, End Sem Exam 45%, Project (Mostly require Solution Algo/Design for the to be defined problem and you may need to do a bit of C++ coding) 25% weightage.

EndSem2020.pdf Required Data Set ES-DataSet.tgz

Lecture Notes:
  1. Feb 19 : Param-Ishan Configuration and General Task Scheduling (Part I)Lec15.pdf[[Scheduling Algorithm by P. Brucker, google "Scheduling Algorithm pdf brucker" to get a PDF copy of book]]
  2. Feb 20 : Task Scheduling (Part II)Lec16.pdf

Feb 29 : Mid Semester Examination MidSemModelSol.pdf

  1. Mar 05 : Mid Sem Solution discussion and List Scheduling Proof (2-Approx) Lec18.pdf
  2. Mar 11 : Energy Efficient Scheduling: Server Problem, Laptop Problem Lec19.pdf
  3. Mar 12 : TS and Energy Efficient Scheduling Lec20.pdf
  4. Mar 14 : Makeup Classes-MPI Programing for Clusters LecMPI.pdf (Will not be part of Exam)
  5. No date : Real Time Energy Efficient Scheduling Lec22.pdf
  6. No date : Intro to Cloud, Utility Model Virtualization Lec23.pdf
  7. No date : Virtualization and Container Lec24.pdf
  8. No date : Benefit and Demerits of Cloud Computing Lec25.pdf
  9. No date : Cloud Computing Economic Model Lec26.pdf
  10. No date : Data Center Energy Model Lec27.pdf [[ Data Center Energy Model]]
  11. No date : Power/Energy Aware Data Center Design Part I Lec28.pdf
  12. No date : Power/Energy Aware Data Center Design Part II Lec29.pdf
  13. No date : Energy Aware Rolling Horizon (EARH) Scheduling of Real Time Tasks Lec30.pdf [[EARH Paper]]
  14. No date : Prediction Aware Scheduling in Cloud SystemLec31.pdf [[DRA-Cloud2013.pdf, UP-VMC-2019.pdf ]]
  15. No date : Heterogeneity and Interference Aware Scheduling of Tasks in Cloud SystemLec32.pdf [[2013.paragon.asplos.pdf ]]
  16. No date : Minimizing End to End Delay of Workflow with Budget Constraints in Cloud Lec33.pdf [[MED-CC.pdf]]
  17. No date : Robust Scheduling of Workflows with Deadline and Budget Lec34.pdf [[WorkflowSched-AINA2014.pdf]]
  18. No date : Reliability Aware Scheduling of Task with Replication Lec35.pdf [[RelRep.pdf]]

  19. Analytical Project Statements: CS528Proj.pdf Deadline is 22nd of May 2020

Text/reference Book:
  1. George Hager and Gerhard Wellein. Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and EngineersCRC Press, India, 2010.
  2. Very good HPC web link by George Hager HPC course by Hager
  3. Online HPC Book

  4. PAPER: A survey on Cloud Resource Scheduling ACM Survey Cloud Scheduling
  5. PAPER: Energy Efficiency Techniques in Cloud Computing A Survey and Taxonomy PDF
  6. PAPER: A Taxonomy and Survey of Energy-Efficient Data Centers and Cloud Computing SystemsPDF
  7. PAPER: Cloud Computing Survey on Energy EfficiencyPDF

Guidelines for the project submission