CS221 Digital Design (Instructors: Dr. A. Sahu and Prof. H. Kapoor)

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Course Structure:

Lectures: Pre Mid Sem part

Class timing: Mon (9-10), Tue (10-11) and WED (11-12Nn), Class venue : 1207

  1. 24 Jul 2018 (TUE): Introduction to Digital Design (Course, Grading Procedure, Rules, Quiz, Text Books) PDF Slides
  2. 25 Jul 2018 (TUE): Introduction to Number System and Digital System PDF Slides (same as Lec01)
  3. 30 Jul 2018 (MON): Number System, Operations (add, sub, mul, div), 2's complement, use of 2's complement in substraction and multiplication; Basic gates; Intro to Boolean Algebra PDF Slides
  4. 31 Jul 2018 (TUE): Boolean Algebra, Axioms and Theorems PDF Slides
  5. 01 Aug 2018 (WED): Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra, SOP and POS form PDF Slides
  6. 06 Aug 2018 (MON): QUIZ 1 and MultiBit Adder, Hamming Distance and Gray Code Quiz 1

  7. 07 Aug 2018 (TUE): Minimization of Switching Functions and KMaps POS/SOP and KMaps
  8. 08 Aug 2018 (WED): KMaps and Quin-McCluskey Method KMaps and QM Methods
  9. 13 Aug 2018 (MON): Comparison and Relation between K Map Method and QM Method, Comb. Logic Design (Encoder, Logic function using Encoder) PDF Slides (1 page/slide)
  10. 14 Aug 2018 (TUE): Decoder (N to 2N, Memory Addressing), Encoder (2N to N), Priority Encoder, Multiplexor (2N to 1, N select lines), Function Implementation with Decoder and Multiplexor, Designing Configurable Logic Block (CLB) with Mux and Look up Table (LUT)/Truth Table, and Mux/Decoder with Enable PDF Slides [Ref: Chapter 4 of Mano Book]

  11. 20 Aug 2018 (Mon): Binary ADDER/SUB, BCD ADDER, Multiplier, Array Multiplier, Delay and Area complexity PDF Slides [Ref: Chapter 4 of Mano Book]
  12. 21 Aug 2018 (TUE): QUIZ 2 CLB and Arithematics Quiz 2

  13. 27 Aug 2018 (MON): N Bit Adder (RCA, Manchester Switch Adder, Carry Skip Adder, Carry Select Adder, Carry Look Ahead Adder) PDF Slides [[Ref: http://web.cs.ucla.edu/digital_arithmetic/files/ch2.pdf]]
  14. 28 Aug 2018 (TUE): Binary Multiplier (Seq, Booth, High radix) PDF Slides
  15. 29 Aug 2018 (WED): Programmable Logic Devices (PAL, PLA, ROM, PROM, SRAM-cell, SRAM) PDF Slides [[Ref Chapter 7 of Mano Book]]
  16. 03 Sep 2018 (MON): SPLD, CPLD, FPGA and FPGA Flow PDF Slides
  17. 04 Sep 2018 (TUE): Verilog HDL and Examples PDF Slides
  18. 05 Sep 2018 (WED): QUIZ 3 ...

  19. [[Verilog HDL Book by Palnitkar]]

  20. 10 Sep 2018 (WED): Verilog (Data Flow, Structural and Behavioral code) PDF Slides
  21. 11 Sep 2018 (WED): Module instantiations and inter connection, Verilog Procedures (always and initials, if else, case, while, repeat, delay, fork-join), Test Benches, Many Examples: 4 bit RCA and 4x1 Mux. Many coding style of 4x1 Mux PDF Slides

Text Books:

  1. ManoBook: M. Morris Mano and M. D. Ciletti, Digital Design, 4/e, Pearson Education India, 2007.
  2. KatzBook: Randy H. Katz, G Borriello, Contemporary Logic Design, 2nd Edition, PHI, India, 2009
  3. KumarBook: A. Anand Kumar, Fundamentals of Digital Circuits 3rd Edition, PHI. 2014 ((This book have a lot of examples to understand the concepts))
References Books:
  1. Tomas Lang, Jaime H. Moreno and Milos Ercegovac Introduction to Digital Systems, Wiely India Edition, 2009
  2. Givone Book: Donald D. Givone, Digital Principles and Design, McGraw-Hill, 2003
  3. VahidBook: Frank Vahid, Digital Design (Preview Edition), Wiely India Edition, 2005
  4. Palnitkar: Samir Palnitkar, Verilog HDL Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2003 PDF Book

Class timing, Venue and Rules: