Arabin Kumar Dey

Arabin Kumar Dey

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
IIT Guwahati

Guwahati, Assam - 781039
Ph: (0361) 258-2620
Mob: +91- 9678072048
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Prior to joining IIT Guwahati, I completed my PhD from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, under the supervision of Prof. Debasis Kundu. If you want to contribute to our current on-going Start up projects, do not hesitate to write back to me

Research Interests

Distributions Models and Its Applications: My primary research interest falls in the area of distributions, models and its applications. My main focus was on discrimination among several univariate and bivariate lifetime distributions . One of the fundamental aspect of parametric approach is to model the data with proper distribution. Often it is assumed that data are coming from a specific parametric family and the rest of the analysis are done based on that model assumption. But choosing a particular model is quite difficult and the effect due to model mis-specification can be severe. Therefore research toward discriminating distributions is utmost important.

Statistics and Finance  :   Current interest includes Extreme Value Theory, Financial Time Series Analysis, Risk Neutral Density estimation and Modeling with Copula.

Speech Signal Processing :  Another research thread lies in Statistical Signal Processing.   So far I have explored a linear model problem in speech signal processing.

Machine Learning Algorithms :  I love to work in the area of Recommendation system, Decision tree and Deep neural network.   Updates of our papers are available in News.