The following sample application is provided for information and reference only. The values provided are just indicative, actual values for construction purposes may vary. Please refer to a civil engineer specializing in the field of geotech for the correct input parameters.

This application is best viewed in latest version of google chrome.


This is a simple web app that is able provide a basic design of a cantilever retaining wall based on user inputs.

Main Features -

  • Calculate earth pressure coefficients based on Rankine's theory and Coulomb's theory.
  • Calculate Lateral earth pressure forces acting on the wall.
  • Analysis of the wall to check various stability conditions and calculate Factor of safety.
  • Calculate horizontal and vertical acceleration coefficients in accordance with Indian standard code IS:1893.
  • Calculate seismic earth pressure coefficients in accordance with IS:1893, cl. 8.1.
  • Perform seismic analysis using pseudo-static method of earth pressure analysis.
  • Design of reinforcements for various elements of the wall.


  • A perfectly granular backfill is considered for the analysis, which means there is no cohesion in backfill soil.
  • Proper drainage is assumed to be provided by the designer so that no hydrostatic pressure is developed on the back of the wall.
  • It is assumed that a triangular pressure distribution is developed on the back of the wall due to backfill earth.
  • All earth pressure forces are considered to act on a vertical plane, which pass through the rear end of base slab.
  • The wall inclination and friction angle between wall and backfill, are asumed zero for this plane while calculating the earth pressure coefficients.