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GIAN Course on Risk-Based Damage Tolerant Seismic Design of Structure- New Paradigm
(18 Dec - 27 Dec 2017)




§  Ph.D (2011), Civil Engineering, The University of Arizona, USA

§  M.Tech. (2007), Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

§  B.E. (2005), Civil Engineering, VNIT, India

Professional Experience

a)       Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India (2013-present)                                 Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

b)       University of South Carolina, SC, USA (2012-13)                                                     Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering

c)       J.W. Goethe University, Germany (2011-12)                                                             Post-Doctoral Researcher, Institute for Biological Sciences

Selected Publications:

1.      Pamwani, Lavish and Shelke, Amit (2018): Damage detection using dissimilarity in phase space topology of dynamic response of structure subjected to shock wave loading. Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems, vol.1,number 4,041004. ASME

2.      Pamwani, Lavish and Habib, Anowarul and Melandso, Frank and Ahluwalia, Balpreet Singh and Shelke, Amit (2018):Single-Input and Multiple-Output Surface Acoustic Wave Sensing for Damage Quantification in Piezoelectric Sensors, Journal of Sensors,vol.-18,number-7,pages-2017,Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.

3.      Parsi, Sai Sharath and Rajeev, Anupoju and Uddin, Ahsan and Shelke, Amit and Uddin, Nasim. (2018):Probabilistic contact force model for low velocity impact on honeycomb structure. Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, Taylor & Francis.

4.      Kore, R., A. Waychal, S. Agarwal, P. Yadav, Ahsan Uddin, N. Sahoo, and A. Shelke (2016): Impact induced solitary wave propagation through a woodpile structure. Smart Materials and Structures 25, no. 2: 025027.

5.      Hofmann, Matthias, Shelke A. et al. (2016): Scanning Acoustic Microscopy—A Novel Noninvasive Method to Determine Tumor Interstitial Fluid Pressure in a Xenograft Tumor Model. Translational oncology 9.3, 179-183.

6.      Shelke, A., S, Banerjee, T, Zhenhua and Lingyu Yu. (2015): Spiral lamb waveguide for spatial filtration of frequencies in a confined space. Experimental Mechanics, 1-11.

7.      Anowarul, H., Shelke, A., M, Vogel, S, Brand, X, Jiang, U, Pietsch and Kundu, T (2015): Quantitative ultrasonic characterization of c-axis oriented polycrystalline AlN thin film for smart device application. Acta Acustica united with Acustica 101-4-675-683.

8.      Shelke, A., Uddin, A and Yang, J. (2014): Impact identification in sandwich structures using solitary wave supporting granular crystal sensors. AIAA, 52(10), 2283-2290.

9.      Pflanzer, R., Hofmann, M., Shelke, A., Habib, A., Derwich, W., Schmitz-Rixen, T., Bernd, A., Kaufmann, R and Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn. (2014): Advanced 3D-sonographic imaging as a precise technique to evaluate tumor volume. Translational Oncology, 7(6), 681–686.

10.  Shelke, A., Banerjee, S., Kabiri Rahani, E., Habib, A and Kundu, T. (2014): Ultrasonic wave guiding and wave modulation using phononic crystal defects. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, vol. 25,number 13, page number 1541-1552.

11.  Karatolios, K., Wittek, A., Nwe. T.H., Bihari, P., Shelke, A., Josef D.T., Schmitz-Rixen, J.Geks., B.Maisch., C.Blase., R.Moosdorf and S.Vogt. (2013): Method for aortic wall strain measurement with three-dimensional ultrasound speckle tracking and fitted finite element analysis. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, vol. 96, number 5, page number 1664-1671.

12.  Shelke, A., Blume, M., Mularczyk, M., Landes, C., Sader, R and Jurgen Bereiter-Hahn (2013): Visualization of localized elastic properties in human tooth and jawbone as revealed by scanning acoustic microscopy. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, 39 (5), 853-859.

13.  Bihari, P., Shelke, A., Nwe, T.H., Mularczyk, M., Nelson, K., Schmandra, T., Knez, P and Schmitz-Rixen T. (2013): Strain measurement of abdominal aortic aneurysm with real-time 3D ultrasound speckle tracking. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 45(4), 315-323.

14.  K. Karatolios  A. Wittek  C. Blase  A. Shelke  R. Moosdorf  S. Vogt. (2013):Vascular modelling and wall motion analysis of ascending and descending aorta with 3D-ultrasound speckle tracking and finite element analysis. European Heart Journal, vol. 34, Issue suppl_1, 1, P247.

15.  Habib, A., Shelke, A., M.Vogel, U., Pietsch, Xin Jiang and Kundu, T. (2012): Mechanical characterization of sintered piezo-electric ceramic material using scanning acoustic microscope. Ultrasound, 52 (8), 989-995.

16.  Shelke, A., Vasiljevic, M., Kundu, T., Amjad, U., and Grill, W. (2012): Extracting quantitative information on pipe wall damage in absence of clear signals from defect. Journal of Pressure Vessel and Technology, ASME, 134 (5), 051502.

17.  Habib, A., Shelke, A., Pluta, M., Kundu, T., Pietsch, U., and Grill. W. (2012): Imaging of acoustic waves in piezoelectric ceramics by coulomb coupling. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 51, 07GB05.

18.  Robillard, J.F., Bucay, J., Deymier, P. A., Shelke, A., Muralidharan, K., Merheb, B., Vasseur, J.O., Sukhovich, A., and Page, J. H. (2011): Resolution limit of a phononic crystal super lens. Physical Review B, 83 (22), 224301.

19.  Shelke, A., Kundu, T., Amjad, U., Hahn, K., and Grill, W. (2011): Mode selective emission and delamination detection in aluminum plate using ultrasonic guided lamb wave. IEEE Transactions on Ultra Sonic’s, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 58 (3), 567-577.

20.  Shelke, A., Banerjee, S., Kundu, T., Amjad, U., and Grill, W. (2011): Multi-scale damage state estimation in composites using nonlocal elastic kernel: An Experimental Validation. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 48 (7-8), 1219-1228.

21.  Shelke, A., Das, S., and Kundu, T. (2010): Distributed point source method for modeling scattered fields in presence of an elliptical cavity. Structural Health Monitoring: An International Journal, 9 (6), 527-539.

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23.  Shelke, A and N, Patra. (2008): Effect of arching on uplift capacity of pile groups in sand. International Journal of Geomechanics, ASCE, 8(6), 347–354.

24.  Shelke, A and N, Patra. (2008): Effect of arching on uplift capacity of single piles. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 27(3), 365-377.


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