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Proceedings of the
5th International and 26th All India
Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference

Material Science
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Experimental Investigations of Ni/La2O3 Composite Micro-Cladding on AISI 1040 Steel through Microwave Irradiation

Arbind Prasad, Dheeraj Gupta, M. Ravi Sankar and A. Naryana Reddy

Some Chemo-Rheological Studies of Aqueous Silicon Nitride Suspensions in Gelcasting process

T. Nagaveni, K. Kishore Kumar and C. S. P. Rao

Characterization and Optimization of ElectrospunPolyacrylonitrile (PAN) and Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PDVF) Nanofibers

R. Ankit Chaudhary and B. B. Ahuja

Surface Modification of Aluminum by Electrical Discharge Coating with Tungsten and Copper Mixed Powder Green Compact Electrodes

D. Tijo and Manoj Masanta

Transverse Rupture Strength of Solid Lubricant Cutting Tool Material

A. Muthuraja and S. Senthilvelan

Concurrent Evaluation of Electroplating Effluent Treatment System for X- Abilities Using Graph Theory and MADM Method

Abhishek Kumar, Shibu Clement and V.P. Agrawal

Effect of Microstructure with Hardness on Heat Treatment of HP40Nb Microalloyed Reformer Tube

Amitava Ghatak and P.S.Robi

Numerical Modelling of Impact and Solidification of a MoltenAlloy Droplet on a Substrate

Rajesh Kumar Shukla, Sateesh Kumar Yadav and Mihir Hemant Shete and Arvind Kumar

Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Recycled Green Sand by Addition of Alumina

A.K. Birru, L. Dharam Singh and P. Arun Kumar

Size Effect on Mechanical Behavior of SS304

Jambeswar Sahu and Sushil Mishra

Accumulative Roll Bonding of AA6005 and AA1060 Metal Strip: Study on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Evaluation of Minimum Bonding Criteria

Suprim Sardar, Atanu Mandal , Surjya Kanta Pal and Shiv Brat Singh

Influence of Rolling and Age-Hardening on the Hardness and Impact Properties of Microalloyed 2219 Al Alloys

Sanjib Banerjee, GourabJyoti Bayan, Achyut Roy, Saurav Sarkar and Debajit Gogoi

Study of Structural Materials for Machine Tools

N.Mahendrakumar, S. Syth Abuthakeer and P. V. Mohanram

Nucleation and Growth of Diamond by Different Seeding Mechanisms on Cemented Carbide Inserts by HFCVD Process

S. K. Sarangi, D. K. Sahu, S. Padhi and A. K. Chattopadhyay

Nano Red Mud Synthesis and Characterization

C.Neelima Devi, Dr.N.Selvaraj and Dr.V.Mahesh

Fabrication of Array of Gold Nanoparticles through Thermal Dewetting and Fib Patterning

A. Goswami, S. Aravindan and P.V. Rao

Simulation Of Fluidity Inaluminum Alloys, Superalloy CMSX4, And Ductile Cast Iron

D. Mohan Krishna and G. S. Reddy