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Proceedings of the
5th International and 26th All India
Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference

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Analysis of Surface Roughness in Turning with Coated Carbide cutting Tools: Prediction Model and Cutting Conditions Optimization

A. J. Makadia and J. I. Nanavati

Turning of Hardened H13 Steel with Interrupted and Continuous Surfaces using Multilayer Coated Carbide Tool

R. Suresh and S. Basavarajappa

Preliminary Experimental Investigation on Multi-tool Turning Process

R. Kalidasan, M. Yatin, S. Senthilvelan and D.K. Sarma

Experimental Comparative Study of Conventional and Micro-Textured Tools during Machining of AISI 1040 Alloy Steel

Rokkham Pavan Kumar Reddy, Kishor Kumar Gajrani and M. Ravi Sankar

Surface Texturing by Using Patterned Grinding Wheel

Do Sup Han, Kang Qui, Tae Jo Ko and J.K. Park

An Effective Method to Determine the Optimum Parameters for Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Grinding

Dinesh Setti, Manoj Kumar Sinha, Sudarsan Ghosh and P Venkateswara Rao

Optimal Selection of Parameters in Multi Tool Drilling by Improved Harmony Search Algorithm

V.Durga Prasada Rao, A. Balakrishna and V. Sai Surendra

Evaluation of Structural Geometry for Mini Milling Machine by Boolean-algebra Technique

S.B.Chandgude and S.S.Patil

Determining Cutting Force Coefficients from Instantaneous Cutting Force in Ball-End Milling

Mithilesh Kumar Dikshit, Asit Baran Puri, Atanu Maity and Amit Jyoti Banarjee

An Experimental Investigation on End Milling of Si3N4

V.Krishnaraj and P.Kuppan

Modeling and Optimization of Milling Parameters on Al-6061 Alloy using Genetic Algorithm

Rishi Kumar, M. K. Pradhan and Rajesh Kumar

Modeling and Optimization of End Milling Parameters on Aluminum 6061 Alloy using GRA based Taguchi Method Coupled with PCA

Rishi Kumar, M. K. Pradhan and Rajesh Kumar

HSS Tool Wear Mechanism in Machining of HTBP based Composite Propellant Grain

Kishore Kumar Katikani, Vanapalli Srinivasa Rohit , Anne Venu Gopal and V.V.Rao

Effect of Direct and Indirect Cryogen Application Methods on the Turning Forces, Tool Wear and Surface Finish of a Nickel Based Alloy (Nimonic 90)

Chetan, Bikash Chandra Behera, Sudarsan Ghosh and P Venkateswara Rao

Application of Taguchi Method for Optimizing Material Removal Rate in Turning of En-47 Spring Steel

Yogendra Kumar and Hari Singh

Process Parameter Optimization in Multi-Pass Turning Operation using Hybrid Firefly Swarm Algorithm

R.Gayatri, N.Baskar and M.Malarvizhi

Effects on Forces and Surface Roughness During Machining Inconel 718 alloy Using Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Bikash Chandra Behera, Chetan, Sudarsan Ghosh and P Venkateswara Rao

Performance Evaluation of CVD Multilayer Coating on Tool Wear Characteristics during Dry Machining of Nimonic C-263

A.Thakur, S.Gangopadhyay, A. Mohanty and K.P.Maity

An Experimental Study on Green Machining

P. Saikia and M.Hazarika

Effect of Process Parameters on Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Fluid and Heat Partitioning in High Efficiency Deep Grinding with Water based Coolant

M. Vashista and S. Paul

Surface Integrity and Optimization in Turning Ti6Al4V

Satyanarayana.K, Ravi.N , Shivaji Babu.K and Venu Gopal.A

3-D Finite Element Modeling of Thin-Wall Machining of Aluminum 7075-T6 Alloy

Gururaj Bolar and S. N. Joshi

Selection of Machining Parameters in Face Milling Operations for Copper Work Piece Material Using Response Surface Methodology and Genetic Algorithm

S. Kannan, N. Baskar and B. Sureshkumar

An Investigation into Selection of Optimum Dressing Parameters based on Grinding Wheel Grit Size

Manoj Kumar Sinha, Dinesh Setti, Sudarsan Ghosh and P Venkateswara Rao

An Effective Grinding Fluid Delivery Technique to Improve Grindability of Inconel-600

Anirban Sarkar, Bijoy Mandal, Debashis Biswas, Santanu Das and Simul Banerjee

Development of a Portable Intelligence Control System to Reduce Components Dimensional Variations in Milling

N Ganesh Kumar and P Radhakrishnan

Optimization of Radial Force in Turning Process using Taguchi’s Approach

Sumit Verma and Hari Singh

Experimental Investigation on Surface Roughness Characteristics in Hard Turning of EN31 Steel using Coated Carbide Insert: Taguchi and Mathematical Modeling Approach

Panda, A., Dutta, S.K., Sahoo, A.K., Rout, A.K.and Routra, B.C.

Integrated Strategies for High Performance Peripheral Milling

M.Law, M.Wabner and S. Ihlenfeldt

Utility Fuzzy Multi Objective Optimization of Process Parameters for CNC Turning of GFRP/Epoxy Composites

Hari Vasudevan, Naresh Deshpande, Ramesh Rajguru and Sandip Mane

Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Milling Parameters in the Machining of NEMA G-11 GFRP Composite Material using PCD Tool

Hari Vasudevan, Ramesh Rajguru, Naresh Deshpande and Sandip Mane

An Expert System for Selection of Carbide Cutting Tools for Turning Operation

P. D. Chougule, S. Kumar and H. K. Raval

Comprehensive Study of Chip Morphology in Turning of Ti-6Al-4V

Vikas Upadhyay, P.K. Jain and N.K. Mehta

NN-GA Based Modeling and Optimization of Cylindrical Grinding Process

R.Rekha and N.Baskar

A Fuzzy Logic Model to Evaluate Thrust Force in the Drilling of Medium Density Fiber Board

S.Prakash, J.Lilly Mercy Dhrubajyoti Baruah and Putti Venkata Siva Teja

Multi Characteristics Optimization using Taguchi Quality Loss Function with Varying the Weightage of Responses in Drilling of GFRP Composite

Sunil Hansda and Simul Banerjee

Investigation of Ionic Liquids as Metalworking Fluids in Minimum Quantity Lubrication Machining of AISI1045 Steel

G. S. Goindi, S. N. Chavan, D. Mandal P. Sarkar and A. D. Jayal

Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Delamination in the Drilling of Particle Board Wood Composite

J. Lilly Mercy, S.Prakash, Kaushik Goswami and P. Vijayalakshmi

Comparison between PVD Coated and Uncoated Carbide Tools While Machining Aluminium Alloy – 6063

U. Ashok Kumar, N. Saidulu and P. Laxminarayana

Friction Surfacing Process of Aluminum Alloys

U. Ashok Kumar and P. Laxminarayana

Comparison of Dimensional Repeatability and Accuracy for Deformation Machining Stretching Mode with Sheet Metal Components

Arshpreet Singh and Anupam Agrawal

Experimental Investigations of Surface Texture in Conventional and Modulation Assisted Drilling of Stainless Steel 316

Ravinder Singh Joshi and Harpreet Singh

Modeling of GD&T Requirements of Crankshaft flange using DOE

Jayalakshmi, P.M George and S.P Joshi

Modeling and Optimization of Surface Roughness in Surface Grinding of SiC Advanced Ceramic Material

Binu Thomas, Eby David and Manu R

Investigation of Surface Textured Cutting Tools for Sustainable Machining

S. B. Dhage, P. Sarkar and A. D. Jayal

An Experimental Investigation on Drilling of CFRP/Ti stacks using Minimal Flow Lubricating- (MFL) Technique using Coated (TiAlN) and Uncoated Drills

SenthilKumar, M., Prabukarthi, A. and Krishnaraj, V.

Optimisation of Hard Turning of M42 Tool Steel Using PCR-Topsis Method

Sagar P. Bhise, P.D. Pantanwane and B. Rajiv

Experimental Investigation on Cutting Force and Surface Roughness in Machining of Hardened AISI 52100 Steel using CBN Tool

Sudhansu Ranjan Das, Debabrata Dhupal and Amaresh Kumar

Optimization of Machining Parameters during End Milling of GFRP Composites by Desirability Function Analysis using Taguchi Technique

Sreenivasulu Reddy

Optimization of Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughnessin WED-Machining of TiNi SMA using Grey Relation Analysis

Manjaiah, M., Narendranath, S. and Basavarajappa, S.

Cryogenic Machining of SS304 Steel

Sunil Magadum, S. Arun Kumar, V. G. Yoganath and C.K.Srinivasa

Role of MQL and Nano Fluids on the Machining of Nicrofer C263

Subhash Chandra Bose, C S P Rao and Kishore Jawale

Multi Response Optimization of Machining Parameters in High Speed Machining of Y-ZTA Insert using Desirability Function Approach of Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

Mandal Nilrudra, Doloi, B. and Mondal, B.

An Experimental Investigation of Hot Machining Performance Parameters using Oxy-Acetylene Gas Setup

Venkatesh Ganta and D. Chakradhar

Investigation on the Influence of Cutting Parameters on Machine tool Vibration & Surface Finish using MEMS Accelerometer in High Precision CNC Milling Machine

N. Kusuma, Megha Agrawal and P.V.Shashikumar

Potential of Vegetable Oils as Micro Lubrication / Cooling Medium for SQL-Grinding

Manoj Kumar K, Jeewan Sarda and Amitava Ghosh

Performance of MoS2 Spray Coated End Mills in Reduction of Built-up Edge Formation (BUE) in Machining Aluminium

Suresh Kannan I, Sandip Baul and Amitava Ghosh

Design and Evaluation of a Novel Machine Bed with Adjustable Pin Configuration to Minimize Damage during Sheet Metal Cutting Processes

K. Vijay Anand and A. Ramesh Babu

Experimental Studies on the Grinding of Ti-6Al-4V using Micro and Nano Size Solid Lubricants

A. K. Malik, S. Ghosh and R. K. Pandey

Performance Evaluation of Tin Coated and Uncoated Carbide Tools in Turning AISI 4140 Steel

Pratik L. Nagalwade and A. V. Kale

Finite Element Analysis of Workpiece Temperature during Surface Grinding of Inconel 718 Alloy

Chahat Sharma, Sudarsan Ghosh and Prabal Talukdar

Comparative Evaluations of Tool Nose Wear Progression under Dry and Near-dry Cutting Conditions during Hard Turning through Experimentation and Mathematical Modeling

Satish Chinchanika and S.K. Choudhury

FEM Analysis on Residual Stresses Induced in Dry Turning: A Review

A.K. Mishra and P. Shandilya

Performance Evaluation of Ordinary and Wiper Inserts in Dry Turning of Inconel 718 Super Alloy using Grey-Fuzzy Algorithm – A Hybrid Approach

K. Venkatesan, R.Ramanujam, Vimal Saxena and Rachit Pandey

Investigation on Influence of Refrigerated Air and High Heat Transfer Rate MQL in Turning of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite

N.V.V.S. Sudheer, K.V.J.Rao and V.Chittaranjan Das

Correlation among the Cutting Parameters, Surface Roughness and Cutting Forces in Turning Process by Experimental Studies

R. Jithin Babu and A.Ramesh Babu

Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Machining Characteristics in Drilling Hybrid Glass-Sisal-Jute Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

M.Ramesh, K.Palanikumar, K.Hemachandra Reddy

Empirical Modeling of Cutting Forces in Ball End Milling using Experimental Design

M.N.M. Venkateswara Sarma and R. Manu

Form Error Correction of Bevel Gears by Electrochemical Honing Process

Shaikh Javed Habib and Neelesh Kumar Jain

Evaluation and Comparison of Machinability Characteristics of Maragining Steel and AISI 304 Steels

Rangilal Bhukya, C.S.P. Rao and G.V.Rao

Isophote Based Tool Path Planning Strategy for Sculptured Surface CNC Machining

Aniket Anil Chaudhary and S.S. Pande

Behavior of Cutting Forces Considering Effect of Tool Wear on Principal Flank, Auxiliary Flank and Rake Faces: Individually and in Combination

Amarjit Prakashrao Kene and S.K. Choudhury

Experimental Evaluation and Optimization of Dry Drilling Parameters of AISI304 Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Different Twist Drills

Nayan G Kaneriya and Gaurav Kumar Sharma

Effect of Carburizing Flame and Oxidizing Flame on Surface Roughness in Turning of Al/SiC MMC and Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization of Process Parameters

N. V. V. S.Sudheer and K. KarteekaPavan

Thermal Stress Prediction within the Contact Surface during Creep Feed Deep Surface Grinding

Audhesh Narayan, and Vinod Yadava

Prediction of Surface Roughness on Dry Turning using Two Different Cutting Tool Nose Radius

Uddipta Gautam, Sanghamitra Das and D.K.Sarma

Performance Analysis of Cylindrical Grinding Process with a Portable Diagnostic Tool

R. Vairamuthu, M Brij Bhushan, R. Srikanth and N. Ramesh Babu

Application of Artificial Neural Network for Modelling Surface Roughness in Centerless Grinding Operation

S. C.Mondal and P. Mandal

Desirability Analysis and Genetic Algorithm Approaches to Optimize Single and Multi Response Characteristics in Machining Al/SiCp MMC

M. Chandrasekaran and Santosh Tamang

An Experimental Investigation into the Applicability of Boric Acid as Solid Lubricant in Turning AISI 4340 Steel

APS Gaur and Sanjay Agarwal

Combine Approach for Studying the Parametric Effects on Quality ofHoles Using RSM and PCAfor Drilling of AISI-304 Stainless Steel

Suman Chatterjee, Arpan Kumar Mondal and Siba Sankar Mahapatra

Study and Optimization of Parameters for Optimum Cutting Condition During Turning Process Using Response Surface Methodology

Shivraj Singh Harvinder Singh and Harry Garg

Optimisation of Process Parameters in Turning of Grey Cast iron with Mixed Oxide Ceramic Tool using Taguchi’s Approach

S.K. Rajbongshi, A. Borah, P.K. Choudhury

An Experimental Study on the Burr Formation in Drilling of AluminumChannels of Rectangular Section

Ratnakar Das and Tarakeswar Barik

Effect of Tool Wear on White Layer Thickness and Subsurface Hardness on Hard Turned EN31 Steel

Gaurav Bartarya and S.K.Choudhury

A Study on the Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Grinding of Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)

Monith Biswojyothi, A.S.S.Balan, N.Arunachalam and L.Vijayaraghavan

An Approach to Development of Involute Spline on Large Parts using CNC Machining

A.Velayudham, Prasmit,Kumar Nayak and A.M. Junaid Basha