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Proceedings of the
5th International and 26th All India
Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference

Composite Fabrication
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Effect of Double and Triple Particle Size Al2O3 Reinforcement onProperties of Aluminium Matrix Composite Prepared by Vacuum Moulding

Rupinder Singh, Sunpreet Singh and Kanwalpreet Sahni

Investigations for Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composite Prepared by Combining FDM, Vacuum Moulding and Stir Casting

Rupinder Singh, Sunpreet Singh and Sardar Singh

Preparation and Tribological Characterization of Linear Low Density Poly-Ethylene Sea Shell (LLDPE/Sea Shell) Bio Composite

GajendraMundel and M. Ravi Sankar

Sisal Fiber / Glass Fiber Hybrid Nano Composite: The Tensile and Compressive Properties

Natarajan, N. Bharathidasan, S. Thanigaivelan and R. Suresh, P

Dynamic Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Jute Nano Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite

K. T. B. Padal, S. Srikiran and P. Surya Nagendra

Development and Tribological Performance of Nano SiC Particles on the AA 2024 Hybrid Composites With The Addition of Nano Graphite

S.Vinothkumar, K. Manisekar andP.Ravindran

Thermal Buckling Of Temperature Dependent Functionally Graded Cylindrical Panel

V. R. Kar and S. K. Panda

Fabrication and study on mechanical and tribological properties of Nano Al2O3 and micro B4C Particles -reinforced A356 hybrid composite

Sukesha V, Rajeev Ranjan , G Nagesh andK Sekar

Hysteresis Heating of Polypropylene Based Composites

Ravi Shukla, JohnneyMertens and S Senthilvelan

Frictional Heat Generation in Selective Ceramic Reinforced Polymer Composites - Effect of Particle Size

C. Gurunathan, R. Gnanamoorthy and S. Jayavel

Mechanical Behaviour of Jute Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

Temesgen Berhanu, Pradeep Kumar and Inderdeep Singh

An Experimental Investigation on Polymeric Nanocomposite Material

Panneerselvam K and Jafrey Daniel James D

Tribological Performance of Microwave Sintered Copper-CNT Composites

Rajkumar.K and Aravindan.S

Influence of Nano-Al2O3 and Micro-ZrO2 Particles on Mechanical Property of A356 Based Composite Fabricated by Combination Effect of Stir and Squeeze Casting

Rajeev Ranjan , Sukesha v , G.Nagesh and K Sekar

Parametric Optimization of Al-SiC12% Metal Matrix Composite Machining by Electrical Discharge Machine

Rajesh Kumar Bhuyan, B.C. Routara, Arun Kumar Parida and A.K.Sahoo

Development and Characterization of Functionally Graded Materials Using Hybrid Layered Manufacturing

Sajan Kapil, Pravin M. Kulkarni, K.P.Karunakaran and Prathmesh Joshi

Processing and Tensile Strength of 2024 Al Matrix Composite Reinforced with Al2O3 Nano-Particles

Kapil Kumar, Dherendra Verma and Sudhir Kumar

Synthesis and machinability studies of A356 alloy-15% SiC composite

K.Jayakumar, Jose Mathewand M. A. Joseph

An Experimental Investigation on Designed and FabricatedWECSM Setup during Micro Slicing of E-Glass Fiber Epoxy Composite

Alakesh Manna and Anup Malik

A Comparison Study of Filament Wound Composite Cylindrical Shell used in Under Water Vehicle Application by Finite Element Method

AbhijitDey, K.M. Pandey and P.L. Choudhury

A Study on Evaluation Of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Rice Husk Filled Epoxy Composites

Arun Kumar Rout, Alok Satapathy, Ashok Kumar Sahoo and Dipak Kumar Jesti

Application of Grey Fuzzy Logic for Simultaneous Optimization of Surface Roughness and MRR in Turning Al-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites

Santosh Tamang and M. Chandrasekaran