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Proceedings of the
5th International and 26th All India
Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference

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Automated Vision Inspection System for a Plastic Injection Mould Component

R. Deepa, S. Usha and P. V. Shashi Kumar

Computer Aided Runner and Gating System Design from Die-Casting Part Model

Ranjit Singh and Jatinder Madan

Investigations of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of A356/Al2O3/Graphite Stir with Squeeze Casting Method

G.Nagesh, V. Sukesha, Rajeev Ranjan and K.Sekar

Mathematical Modelling of Solidification in a Curved Strand during Continuous Casting of Steel

Ambrish Maurya and Pradeep Kumar Jha

A Numerical Study of Mold Filling in Microcasting

Sateesh Kumar Yadav, Rajesh Kumar Shukla and Arvind Kumar

Experimental Investigations on The Microstructure of Aluminium 6063 with Copper and Gun Metal

Tony Thomas, R. Kirubha Parameshwaran and K. S. Sre Nandha Guhan

Computer-Aided System for Multi-Cavity Die-Casting Die-Design

V. Kumar and J. Madan