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Proceedings of the
5th International and 26th All India
Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference

Advanced Manufacturing - I
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Optimization of Dimensional Deviation:Wire Cut EDM of Vanadis 4E (Powder Metallurgical Cold Worked Tool Steel) by Taguchi Method

D.Sudhakara and G.Prasanthi

Prediction of Thermal History of Friction Stir Welding by Considering Combined Stick & Slip Condition of AA1100

Arun Kumar Kadian, Gautam Puri and Pankaj Biswas

Effect of Tool Geometry and Process Parameters on the Material Flow of Friction Stir Welding

Arun Kumar Kadian, Gautam Puri, Suman Das and Pankaj Biswas

Finishing of Synchrotron Beamline Mirrors

Ajay Sidpara, V. K. Jain and G. S. Lodha

Experimental Study into Groove Machining using Rotary Disk Electrical Discharge Machining with Silicon Powder-mixed Dielectric

Shankar Singh and Anand Pandey

Thermal and Metallographic Investigation for H13A and AISI410 using Vortex Tube Jet Assisted (VTJA) Machining

Balaji Nelge, Kiran Devade, A.T. Pise and V. M. Kale

Analysis of Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing (MFAF) Process Parameters for Finishing Of Brass Workpiece Using Soft-Computing Technique

Anwesa Barman, Chandan Kumar and Manas Das

Modeling and Simulation of Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing Process

Anwesa Barman, Manas Das and Ankur Singh

Modeling of Finishing Forces and Surface Roughness in Abrasive Flow Finishing (AFF) Process Using Rheological Properties

Sachin Singh, M. Ravi Sankar,V. K. Jain and J. Ramkumar

Effect of Direct Current and Pulse Current on Processing Time, Electrolyte Composition and Electrolyte Concentration of Electrochemical Honing

H. Singh and P.K. Jain

Investigation of Machining Characteristics of Electrochemical Micromachining Machine (EMM)

R. Thanigaivelan, R. M. Arunachalam andN. Natarajan

Selection of Non-Conventional Manufacturing Process: A Combine TOPSIS-AHP Approach

Ashish Chauhan and M. K. Pradhan

Multi-Response Analysis of Electro-Chemical Machining Process using Principal Component Analysis

K. P. Maity and N. K. Verma

Fabrication of Complex Circuit Using Electrochemical Micro Machining on Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Jitendra Singh, V.K. Jain and J.R. Kumar

Simultaneous modeling of responses in AWJM of Borosilicate glass by SVM and SEM study

Ushasta Aich, Simul Banerjee , Asish Bandyopadhyay and Probal Kumar Das

Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Micro-milling of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

H. Sooraj and J. Mathew

Investigation of the Effects of Process Parameters on Material Removal Rate & Tool Wear Rate during Wet & Near-dry EDM Process

P. Tripathy, K. P. Maity and B. Rajiv

Response Surface Modeling of Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters for EN 24 Low Alloy Steel

N. Annamalai, V. Sivaramakrishnan and N.Baskar

Fabrication of Disc Shaped Microtool by Electrochemical Micromachining for Micromachining Applications

V. Rathod, B. Doloi and B. Bhattacharyya

Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Parameters using Artificial Neural Network with Different Electrodes

V.Balasubramaniam, N.Baskar and C.Sathiya Narayanan

Optimization of the Quality and Productivity Characteristics of AISI P20 Tool Steel in EDM Process using PCA-based Grey Relation Analysis

S. Dewangan, C. K. Biswas and S. Gangopadhyay

Experimental Study of Material Removal Rate, Surface Roughness & Microstructure in Electrochemical Machining of Inconel 825

A. Mohanty, Gangadharudu Talla, S. Dewangan and S. Gangopadhyay

Nano-Groove Generation by Diamond Turn Machining and Chemical Processing

Prabhat Ranjan, Anuj Sharma, R. Balasubramaniam and V.K. Suri

A Neuro-fuzzy Approach for Optimization of Multiple Responses in Taper Cutting using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

B.B. Nayak and S. S. Mahapatra

Experimental Investigations for Al2O3 Ceramic Micro Machining using ECDM Process

Anjesh H Sahasrabudhe and B. B. Ahuja.

An Expert System for Non-traditional Machining Process Selection

Kanika Prasad and Shankar Chakraborty

Experimental Investigation of Ultrasonic Machining on Alumina Bio-Ceramic for Stepped Hole Fabrication

S.Das, B. Doloi and B. Bhattacharyya

Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Prediction of Performance in Abrasive Jet Drilling Process for Glass Material

J. R. Samani, H.S.Beravala, P. B. Jadav and C. J. Dusra

Experimental Investigations into Micro-drilling using Air Assisted Jet Electrochemical Machining

Harsha Goel and Pulak M. Pandey

Investigation into Electrochemical Micromachining Process for Fabricating 3-D Fine Patterns in Air Lubricated Bearing

S. Debnath, K. Bandopadhyay and B. Bhattacharyya

Experimental Investigation into Generation of Micro Hole on Titanium by Electrochemical Micromachining

Sandip S. Anasane and B. Bhattacharyya

Computational Analysis for Mixing of Fluids Flowing through Micro-Channels of Different Geometries

Sankha Shuvra Das, Binay Kumar Patawari, P.K. Patowari and S Halder

Modeling of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of AISI D3 Steel using Response Surface Methodology

Brajesh lodhi and Sanjay agarwal

Performance of Monopole Concentrator during Microwave Drilling of Perspex

Nitin Kumar Lautre, Apurbba Kumar Sharma, Pradeep Kumar and Shantanu Das

A Study on Wire Breakage and Parametric Efficiency of The Wire Electro Chemical Discharge Machining Process

Amarinder Singh, C. S. Jawalkar, Rahul Vaishya and Apurbba Kumar Sharma

Studies on Tool wear characteristics in Micro Electro Discharge Slotting Process (µ-EDS)

Harshit Dave, Vishal Mathai, Mukul Mayanak, Harit Raval and Keyur DesaiHarshit Dave, Vishal Mathai, Mukul Mayanak, Harit Raval and Keyur Desai

Electro Discharge Machining of AISI 304 Using Solid and Bundled Electrodes

H. K. Dave, Sudhanshu Kumar, N. C. Rana and H. K. Raval

Modeling of Wire EDM slicing process for Silicon

Kamlesh Joshi, Gaurav Sharma, Ganesh Dongre and Suhas S. Joshi

Experimenta and Simulation of Three Dimensional Micro EDM with Single and Multiple Discharges

Alwin Varghese, Basil Kuriachen, Satyananda Panda and Jose Mathew

Numerical Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Micro-Wire EDM Process

Dinesh Babu P.,Deepak G Dilip, Somashekhar K.P., Allesu K. and J. Mathew

Modelling of Micro Electric Discharge Machining using FEM

S.Mithun Nair, K.Basil, R. Vijayakumar and Jose Mathew

Experimental and Finite Element Based Investigations on Powder Mixed Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

V.Vipin, B.Kuriachen, R.Manu and J. Mathew

Experimental Study on Varying Electromagnetic Field Assisted Die Sinking EDM

Vignesh S. Naidu, K. Vipindas, R. Manu and J. Mathew

Modeling and Multi-response Optimization of Micro EDM Drilling on Inconel 718

B. Kuriachen and J. Mathew

Spark Radius Modeling of Micro Electric Discharge Machining of Ti-6AL-4V

B. Kuriachen and J. Mathew

High Aspect Ratio Micro-features by Electrochemical Micromachining

B. Ghoshal and B. Bhattacharyya

A Study on Effect of EDM Process Parameters on AISI 304L Stainless Steel

D. K. Ojha, S. Panda and D. Mishra

Investigation and Fuzzy based Modeling of Micro-EDM Process during Machining of Micro-hole in D3 Die Steel Material Employing DE-Ionized Water

I. Shivakoti, G. Kibria and B.B. Pradhan

Electric Discharge Machinability Studies on D0403 and D0376 Alloy Steels

S. Santosh, K. Rajkumar, S. Raghuraman, T. Panneerselvam and K. Thiruppathi

Investigations on Grinding of Inconel 718 using newly developed Graphene Nano Platelets Impregnated Grinding Wheels

R. Bhanu Pavan, G. Bhanu Kiran, R.R. Srikant and A. Venu Gopal

Regression Model for Electro-Chemical aided Abrasive Flow Machining (ECA2FM) Process

B. S. Brar, R.S. Walia and V.P. Singh

Performance analysis of ball end magnetorheological finishing using sintered magnetic abrasive based magnetorheological polishing fluid

Mahendra Singh Niranjan and Sunil Jha

Application of Grey Relational Analysis for Geometrical Characteristics in Abrasive Water Jet Milled Channels

T. V. K. Gupta, J. Ramkumar, Puneet Tandon and N. S. Vyas

Tool Condition Monitoring using Multiple Sensors Approach in the Microendmilling of Aluminium Alloy (AA 1100)

M. Prakash, M. Kanthababu, S. Gowri, R. Balasubramaniam and John Rozario Jegaraj

Modeling Electrical Discharge Machining Process using Artificial Neural Network for the Machining of Special Steel WP7V

Ranjan Kumar Ghadai, Rashmi Ranjan Behera and Subash Chandra Mondal

Experimental Investigation on Near-dry Electric Discharge Machining

Krishnakant Dhakar and Akshay Dvivedi

Preliminary Investigation into Finishing of Artificial Dental Crown

Pankaj Baghel, Shreyansh Singh, Nikita Dua, V.K.Jain and Leeladhar Nagdeve

Finite Element Modeling for Prediction of Cutting Forces during Micro Turning of Titanium Alloy

T. Jagadesh and G. L. Samuel

Parametric Studies of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting on Surface Roughness of Silicon Nitride Materials

Debasish Ghosh, Probal K. Das and B.Doloi

Empirical Modelling of MRR in Electrochemical-Mechanical Finishing of Bevel gears

J. P. Misra, P. K. Jain, D. K. Dwivedi and N. K. Mehta

Effect of Layer Thickness in Micro Electric Discharge Milling: An Experimental Investigation

J.M. Jafferson, P. Hariharan and J. Ram Kumar

Modeling and Analysis of Micro WEDM Process on Inconel Super Alloy through Response Surface Methodology

P. Sivaprakasam, P. Hariharan and S. Gowri

Experimental Investigation of the Process Parameters in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Redmud Reinforced Banana/Polyester Hybrid Composites

M.Uthayakumar V.Arumugaprabu and M. Kathiresan

Investigation of ?ED-milled Tapered Channels for Microfluidic Devices

Pranit Deshmukh, Saurabh Annadate and G.Karthikeyan

Dynamic Stability of High Speed Micromilling Based on Modal Analysis for Determining Tool-tip Dynamics

Kundan Singh, V. Kartik and Ramesh Singh

Optimization of Multiple Performance Characteristics of the Electrical Discharge Machining Process on Metal Matrix Composite (Al/5%TiCp) using Grey Relational Analysis

V. Chittaranjan Das and N. V. V. S. Sudheer

Application of AbrasiveWater Jet Machining in FabricatingMicro Tools for EDM for Producing Array of Square Holes

Vijay Kumar Pal and S.K. Choudhury

Application of Pure Water Jet Machining for Improving Surface Finish of Parts Fabricated by Abrasive Water Jet Machining

Vijay Kumar Pal and S.K. Choudhury

Estimation of Machining Performances of P-20 Material in Wire Electric Discharge Machining using Group Method Data Handling Technique

G. Ugrasen, H. V. Ravindra and G. V. Naveen Prakash

Parametric Analysis of Electrochemical Discharge Micro-Machining Process during Profile Generation on Glass

B. Mallick, M.N. Ali, B. R.Sarkar, B. Doloi and B. Bhattacharyya

Modeling and Analysis of Cutting Forces in Micro End Milling

Tej Pratap and Karali Patra

Parametric analysis of CNC EDM Process on OHNS Tool Steel

K.Saraswathamma and Madhu Durgam

Comparison of Process Mechanics in µEDM-drilling and RµEDM based on Online Monitoring of Discharge Gap Condition

C.K. Nirala and P. Saha

Development and Experimental Investigation of Electro-Discharge Diamond Face Grinding

Sanjay Singh, Vinod Yadava and Ram Singar Yadav

Machinability Assessment of Superni-800 during EDM with Powder Metallurgy Processed Cu-Ti Electrode Using the Taguchi Method

Vijay Kumar Bhanot, Naveen Beri and Anil Kumar

Comparative Evaluation of Mechanically Alloyed and Sintered Magnetic Abrasives for Fine Finishing

Sehijpal Singh, Parmjit singh and H.S Shan

Abrasive Flow Finishing Process - A Case Study

T. S. Kavithaa, N. Balashanmugam and P. V. Shashi Kumar

An Experimental Investigation during Nano Finishing of Hybrid Al/(Al2O3+ZrO2)MMC on Developed ECG Setup

Alakesh Manna and K.Z. Molla

Ultra High Finishing of Oval Bores Using Elastic Abrasive Balls

V.S. Sooraj and V. Radhakrishnan

An Experimental Investigation During Micro Drilling of Hybrid Al/(Al2O3p+SiCp+Cp)-MMC on Developed ECMM Setup .

C. S. Kalra, Alakesh Manna and V. K. Singla

Multi Response Optimization of Ultrasonic Machining Parameters using Weighted Principal Component Analysis

Nitesh Dhar Badgayan and P.S.Rama Sreekanth

Analysis of Parametric Effects on Response Characteristics and Faults Diagnosis during WEDM of Al/SiCp-MMCs

Harmesh Kumar, Alakesh Manna and Rajesh Kumar

Improved Cooling unit with Automatic Temperature Controller for Enhancing the Life of Ice Bonded Abrasive Polishing Tool

S. Rambabu and N. Ramesh Babu

Modeling and Optimization for Drilling of High Aspect Ratio Blind Micro Holes in Micro EDM

Swapan Barman, Koustov Mondol, Nagahanumaiah and Asit Baran Puri

Developing Alternative Polymer Abrasive Gels For Abrasive Flow Finishing Process

Harlal Singh Mali and Jaikishan

Modelling and Prediction of Material Removal Rate in Electrical Discharge Diamond Surface Grinding Process of Inconel-718

Harlal S. Mali, Deepak Unaune and Sandeep Tiwari

Chemo-Ultrasonic Assisted Magnetic Abrasive Finishing: Experimental Investigations

Nitesh Sihag, Prateek Kala and Pulak M. Pandey

An investigation of Wire Electric Discharge Machining of High temperature Titanium alloy

Mohinder Pal Garg, Ajai Jain and Gian Bhushan