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Proceedings of the
5th International and 26th All India
Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
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Design and Development of Automated Test System for Aircraft Hydraulic Control Module at Assembly and Manufacturing Floor

Karthik SP,Vijay Desai and KantilalL Hirani

Material Handling Equipment Selection by Fuzzy Axiomatic Design Principles

Anant V. Khandekar and Shankar Chakraborty

Application of Process Capability Indices to Measure Performanceof a Multistage Manufacturing Process

S. C. Mondal and S. Kundu

Design and Development of Feature Extraction and Recognition Information System for Computer Aided Process Planning Systems

Sreenivasulu Reddy, A., Poornachandra Sekhar, Y., Rajendra Prasad,T . and Ravindranath, K.

SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) Methodology in Garment Manufacturing Industry: Case Study in Reducing Style Change Over Time

Jonalee Das Bajpai

Prediction of Life of Punches of Compound Die using Artificial Neural Network

Sachin Kashid and S. Kumar

Integrated Decision Making in Supply Chain Management and Its Relevance to Industrial Practice

Amandeep Singh and Sandeep Singhal

Impact of Reconfiguration Effort on Reconfigurable Manufacturing System

K. K. Mitta and P. K. Jain

Application of Grey based Decision Making Approach for Lean Tool Selection

Adarsh Kumar Singh, S. Vinodh and K. E. K. Vimal

A Green Process Planning System

M. Gogoi and M. Hazarika

Application of Remanufacturing Principles to an Automotive Engine Valve Component

K. J. Manjunatheshwara, S. Vinodh and K. E. K. Vimal

Application of S-LCA methodology for assessment of automobile organization

K. E. K. Vimal and S. Vinodh

A Novel Cell Formation Technique in Cellular Manufacturing System Based on Various Production Factors

Tamal Ghosh, B. Doloi and Pranab K. Dan

A comparative study on the reflectivity of metallic mirrors finished by deterministic and random processes

Anuj Sharma , Prabhat Ranjan, D. Datta and R. Balasubramaniam

Identification of Pressures, Barriers and Drivers for the implementation of Green Supply Chain Management

M. Deepak, A. Noorul Haq and K. Mathiyazhagan

A New Hybrid Approach to Recognize Machinable Features of Prismatic Parts from STEP AP 203 File

Bitla Venu, Venkateswara Rao Komma and Deepanshu Srivastava

STEP-Based Feature Recognition of Orthogonal Primitives of Prismatic Parts

Deepanshu Srivastava, Venkateswara Rao Komma and Bitla Venu

Supply Chain Complexity: Challenges and Future Research directions

E. G. Kavilal, S. Prasanna venkatesan and K. Dadhaniya Harsh kumar

An Assessment of Sustainable Supply Chain using MCDM

K. Sivakumar, R. Jeyapaul and P. Parthiban

Optimization of Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling with Sequence Dependent Setup Time and Lot Splitting

Vinit Saluja and Ajai Jain

Scheduling a Stochastic Dynamic Job Shop Manufacturing System with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times

Pankaj Sharma and Ajai Jain

Improvement of Agile Software Production Management Using System Dynamics Model

Pijush Chandra Das and U. R. Dhar

Risk Mitigation in Manufacturing Process Through Development of 4M Model

S. Kumar and P. Sharma

Knowledge Transfer, Process Fit and Other Issues in ERP Implementation in an Indian SME

Sanjay Kumar

A Case Study of Six Sigma and its Competitive Advantage in Indian Industries

Parvesh Kumar, Sandeep Singhal and Jimmy Kansal

Application of Lean Principles to Reduce the Non-value Adding Transportation Activities in a Rubber Components Manufacturing industry

K. Balaji and V. S. Senthil Kumar

Integrating Quality Aspects in Design and Manufacturing of Optical Alignment System

R. K. Gupta, S. P. Srivastava, S. K. Yadav and S. B. Jawale

Understanding Different Stake holders of Sustainable Product and Service Based Systems Using Genetic Algorithm for Sustainable Manufacturing

Sameer Gupta, Prabir Sarkar and Ekta Singla

Integrated Approach for Job Scheduling and Multi-ComponentMaintenance Planning in a Production System

Sandeep Kumar, Bhushan S. Purohit and Bhupesh Kumar Lad

Perceptions of Manufacturing Industries in Adopting Third Party Logistics Providers An Empirical Study

Vivekanandhan Porselvan, Karthik Subramanian and Ashwin Vijayakumar

Group Technology in Design of Manufacturing Systems - A Review

Kamal Khanna, Gazal Preet Arneja and Rakesh Kumar

Improved Music Based Harmony Search Algorithm (IMBHSA) for solving Job Shop Scheduling Problems (JSSPs)

M. Hymavathi and C. S. P Rao

Development of New Paradigms for Job Shop Scheduling Problems

M. Hymavathi and C. S. P Rao

System Dynamics Model in the Analysis of Manufacturing Defects and Process Improvements

B. Chowdhury, S. K. Deb and P. C. Das

Development of SPM for Automation in Sheet-Metal Disc TeethCutting Operation

Chetan Mahatme, Sachin Mahakalkar and Jayant Giri

Productivity Improvement Through Modular Line in Garment Industries

B. Sudarshan and D. Nageswara Rao

Status of Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Principles in the Context of Indian industry: A Literature Review

A. P. Chaple, B. E. Narkhede and M. M. Akarte

Tool Inventory Management using RFID Technology

Ishwar Bhiradi and Ajesh J.Pillai

Work Measurement Approach for Productivity Improvement in a Heavy Machine Shop

Ishwar Bhiradi and B. K. Singh

Single Model Assembly Line Balancing for Newly Recruited Employees

Sandeep Choudhary and Sunil Agrawal

Decision Making using Analytical Hierarchical Process (Ahp) for Selection of Best Suitable Maintenance Method for Multispindle Automat AS32

Jayant S. Karajagika and, B. U. Sonawane

Comparative Analysis of Manufacturing System Using Cause Effect Diagram and System Dynamic Model

B. Chowdhury and S. K. Deb

Optimization of Machining Time using Feature based ProcessPlanning

B. R. Borkar, Y. M. Puri, A. M. Kuthe and P. S. Deshpande

TPM-A PDCA Approach

P. K. Suresh, Dr. Mary Joseph and Dr. Jagathy Raj. V. P

Mixed-Model Assembly Line Balancing Problem: A Focus on ModelFormulation

Sandeep Choudhary and Sunil Agrawal

U-line Assembly Balancing for Medium Commercial Vehicle Eicher Motors Ltd: A Case Study

Sandeep Choudhary and Sunil Agrawal

Implementation of Six-Sigma Methodology for Improvement of Process Yield by Reduction of Rejection (for %) in a Manufacturing Process

S. Chandra, B. Doloi and B. K. Bhattacharya

Safety Management in Manufacturing Industry: A Lean Six Sigma Approach

P. R. Gajbhiye , A. C. Waghmare, and R. H. Parikh

Root Cause Analysis of Tong Mark defect During Material Handling of IF Steel Coils

G. Mathan, G. Manikandan and M. B. N. Raju

Parametric Optimization of Machining Parameters Using Graph Theory and Matrix Approach

L. B. Abhang and M .Hameedullah

Automatic Identification of Cylindrical/Tapered Features from Prismatic Components

Dowluru Sreeramulu, A. Satish Kumar and C. S. P. Rao

Comparative Assessment of Primitive Features Machined with Different Diameter End Mill Tools Using Reverse Engineering Technique

Sachin Gupta and A. A. Shaikh

Systematically Investigating Literature of Supply Chain Risk Management: A Review for Risk Prioritisation

Surya Prakash, Sameer Mittal, Gunjan Soni and Ajay Pal Singh Rathore

Aero-Engine Compressor Development Through Reengineering based Product Development Cycle

S. N. Mistry, Amar Singh and K. Joseph Shibu

Enhancing Agility of Supply Chains using Stochastic, Discrete Event and Physical Simulation Models

Alok K. Verma