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Admission to PhD Programmes for July 2021 Session

Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Research

IIT Guwahati offers PhD programme in interdisciplinary research. The students admitted to this programme will work under the joint supervision of faculty members across departments at IIT Guwahati on the specified research proposals.

Research proposals/topics offered for the interdisciplinary research are given in the following. The selections for the interdisciplinary research will be along with the selections of the departments mentioned against the proposals. For more details on the research proposals, candidates can directly contact the respective faculty members.

Desirous candidates may apply for the interdisciplinary research by choosing the option given in the online application while selecting the research areas of the respective departments.

Details of Research Proposals

S.No.DeptFaculty MembersProject CodeTitleProject Details
1Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Manas Khatua (CSE)
Dr. Shabari Nath (EEE)
ID_CS_MK-SNAchieving Cyber Security in Smart Micro-Grids using Machine Learning and IoTPDF
2Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Amit Awekar (CSE)
Prof. Shyamanta M Hazarika (ME)
ID_CS-AA-SHReinforcement Learning for Decision Making under UncertaintyPDF
3Electronics and Electrical EngineeringDr. Ramesh K Sonkar (EEE)
Dr. Rishikesh D Kulkarni (EEE)
Prof. Akhilesh K Maurya (CE)
ID_EE_RR-AMApplication of Distributed Acoustic Sensing in Transportation EngineeringPDF
4Mechanical EngineeringDr. Prasenjit Khanikar (ME)
Dr. Kalyan Raidongia (CH)
ID_ME_PK-KRDevelopment of Strong and Tough Sustainable Bio-based Composite Material through Chemical Modifications of Lignocellulosic BiomassPDF
5Mechanical EngineeringDr. B. Sandeep Reddy (ME)
Dr. Budhaditya Hazra (CE)
1) Design of Robotic Hoist Mechanisms for Payload Transportation
2) Nonlinear Control of Overhead Cranes
6Biosciences and BioengineeringDr. Kusum Singh (BSBE)
Dr. Ashish Anand (CSE)
ID_BT_KS-AAUnderstanding the interplay between Alternative Splicing (AS), Alternative Polyadenylation (APA) and Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) via Machine Learning (ML) in transcriptional regulations.PDF
7Chemical EngineeringDr. Pankaj Tiwari (CL)
Dr. Nelson Muthu (ME)
ID_CL_PT-NMWaste Disposal of Carbon/Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer CompositesPDF
8MathematicsDr. Ashok Singh Sairam (MA)
Dr. Sushanta Karmakar (CSE)
ID_MA_AS-SKDistributed Monitoring in CPS and its Security IssuesPDF
9ChemistryDr. Chandan K. Jana (CH)
Dr. Sachin Kumar (BSBE)
ID_CH_CK-SKSynthesis and biological evaluation of potential RdRp-inhibitors for the development of antiviral agentsPDF
10ChemistryDr. Pavan K. Kancharala (CH)
Dr. Nageswara Rao Peela (CL)
ID_CH_PL-NPDevelopment of a continuous flow reactor system for the synthesis of oligosaccharides of the like of FondaparinuxPDF
11ChemistryDr. Krishna Pada Bhabak (CH)
Dr. Rajkumar P. Thummer (BSBE)
ID_CH_KB-RTEnhancement of the Chemotherapeutic Potential of Anti-cancer Drugs: Targeted and Adjuvant Delivery of Anti-Cancer drugs with AntioxidantsPDF

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