About the Programme

The salient features of the Dual (M Tech + Ph D) Degree programme of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, are as follows:


  1. Students shall be admitted only under `regular category. A regular category student will have to work full-time for his/her Dual (MTech+PhD) degree programme. He/she receives assistantship from the Institute or any other recognized funding agency, as per prevailing norms.


  1. Eligibility: B.E/B.Tech in any discipline other than CSE or IT or equivalent, with any one of the following criteria (Please note that this programme is not meant for engineering graduates in computer or information technology related disciplines) :


a.    a CPI of 7.5 or marks of 70% and a valid GATE score in any subject, if the qualifying B E/B Tech degree is not from an IIT

b.    a CPI of 8.0, if the qualifying B Tech degree is from an IIT

c.    a CPI of 7.0 (or more) but less than 8.0, a valid GATE score in any subject, if the qualifying B Tech degree is from an IIT

  1. Assistantship: Details are provided under the section Financial Support indicated below.
  2. Course Works: Students admitted under the present programme shall, in the very beginning, be required to do course works of the duration of 3(three) semesters.
  3. Comprehensive Examination: After successful completion of his/her course works, the student concerned will also have to pass the Comprehensive Examination in maximum two attempts - but before his/her completion of the second year in the programme,.
  4. Within 6 months of successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination, the student concerned will have to present a State-of-the-Art Seminar (SOAS). The presentation will be open to all. In this, the student will present a literature survey of broad areas of his/her proposed area of research.
  1. Thereafter, the student concerned will have to keep on fulfilling progress review requirements relating to his/her research as per Institute rules.
  2. Duration of the programme: Minimum 3 years, and maximum 7 years from the date of admission.
  3. Award of the degree: After successful completion of the Viva Voce relating to his/her thesis works, the student concerned will be awarded the M Tech and Ph D degrees together. The M Tech degree will be retroactive from the date of the completion of his/her Comprehensive Examination.
  4. Non-satisfactory performance: At any time after successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination and SOAS by the student concerned, should the Doctoral Committee feel that the progress of the student is not satisfactory, it may recommend termination of the student from the programme. In that case, the student concerned will receive just the M Tech degree and leave the programme assuming yearly progress report as M Tech thesis work; and the M Tech degree will be effective from the date of leaving the programme.

Financial Support

(For REGULAR category students, who are Indian nationals)


1. Institute assistantships will be available to eligible Dual (MTech+PhD) degree programme students as per prevailing (MHRD, GOI) norms, as applicable from time to time. The present rates of assistantships are as below:

1st & 2nd Year : Rs.16,000/- p.m. 

3rd to 5th Year : Rs.18,000/- p.m.

Note: No assistantship will be available beyond 5th year of the programme.

2. Assistantships from external funding organizations will be available as per terms and conditions of the concerned funding organizations.

 3. Students receiving assistantships from the Institute or fellowships from any other funding agencies, shall be required to perform academic duties as per prevailing norms.

4. The continuation of the assistantship/fellowship is subject to satisfactory performance of the assigned duties and satisfactory progress of the student in the Dual (MTech+PhD) degree programme.