Course Structure and Syllabi of Dual Degree (MTech+PhD) programme offered by the department of Computer Science and Engineering




Semester 1


CS203 Algorithms and Data Structures 3-0-0-6

CS204 Algorithms and Data Structures Lab 0-1-3-5

CS201 Discrete Mathematics 3-0-0-6

CS322M Digital Logic and Computer Architecture 3-0-0-6

CS242 System Software Lab 0-1-3-5


Total 9-2-6-28


Semester 2


CS205 Formal Languages, Automata Theory and Computation 3-0-0-6

CS207 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3-0-0-6

CS350M Computer Systems 3-0-0-6

CS348 Implementation of Programming Languages Laboratory 0-2-3-7

CS XXX Elective 3-0-0-6


Total 12-2-3-31



Semester 3


CS441M Software Engineering 3-0-0-6

CS XXX Elective 3-0-0-6

CS XXX Elective 3-0-0-6

CS XXX Elective 3-0-0-6


                                                                                                    Total 12-0-0-24