MA 222





Prerequistes: Nil



Number theory: Well ordering principle, principle of mathematical induction; Division algorithm, GCD and LCM, Euclidean algorithm, linear Diophantine equation; Primes, the fundamental theorem of arithmetic; Properties of congruences, linear congruences, chinese remainder theorem; Fermat's little theorem; Arithmetic functions, Mobius inversion formula, Euler's theorem; Primitive roots; Introduction to cryptography, RSA cryptosystem, distribution of primes.

Algebra: Groups, subgroups, cyclic groups, permutation groups, Cayley's theorem, cosets and Lagrange's theorem, normal subgroups, quotient groups, homomorphisms and isomorphism theorems; Rings, integral domains, ideals, quotient rings, prime and maximal ideals, ring homomorphisms, field of quotients, polynomial rings, factorization in polynomial rings, fields, characteristic of a field, field extensions, splitting fields, finite fields.



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