HS 101

English Communication



Preamble / Objectives (Optional): The Course has the following objectives:

The Course will help the learners to develop general proficiency in English in terms of listening, speaking, reading and writing, gain confidence to use grammatically accepted English for communication, gain confidence to speak English intelligibly, learn to use self -study strategies, use interpersonal communication skills effectively, become aware of the skills of critical thinking, information transfer and problem solving, develop analytical skills.


General proficiency in English and Communication skills; Listening: What is listening, difference between listening and speaking, barriers to listening, effective listening strategies, comprehending social conversation, comprehending narrations and academic lectures; Speaking: Understanding accent (intelligibility, Indian and non-Indian accents), nuances of fluency; understanding effective speaking strategies, using language in various situations such as - introducing oneself and others on formal and informal situations, asking for information and giving information, describing people, places and objects, narrating events, explaining processes and products, expressing opinions, arguing, giving instructions, taking part in conversation and group discussions understanding turn taking strategies, making short presentations; Reading: Reading simple narratives and comprehending the gist, identifying topic sentences, identifying cohesive devices and their functions, comprehending texts of different genres and content matter; Vocabulary: understanding different aspects of a word, learning various strategies to develop vocabulary, using a dictionary for developing vocabulary; Grammar: Revising grammar already learnt - use of articles, quantifiers, punctuation, use of tenses, gerunds and infinitives, present participles, subject verb concord, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, use of connectives, use of adjectives and adverbs, common errors; Writing: Writing short paragraphs with the help of topic sentences, cohesive devices, writing narratives of minimum three paragraphs, developing information transfer skills, summarising and paraphrasing, note-taking, note- making, writing short reviews, writing short reports.


Text Books

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2. O'Dell and McCarthy, English Vocabulary in Use. CUP. New Delhi, 2002.
3.  Jayashree Mohanraj et al (Eds), Speak Well, First Edition, Orient Blackswan, 2012.


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