BT 207

Genetic Engineering



Pre-requisites : Nil




The basis of genetic engineering: Genome organization; the flow of genetic information; Genes and genomes; Genome size and complexity; The transcriptome and proteome. Labelling nucleic acids; End labelling; Nick translation; Labelling by primer extension; Nucleic acid hybridization. DNA sequencing; Principles of DNA sequencing; Next-Gen sequencing. Human Genome Project.

Techniques in Genetic Engineering: DNA/ RNA extraction, Polymerase Chain reaction: primer design, Nested PCR, inverse PCR, RAPD, Real-time PCR. Gel Electrophoresis-DNA, RNA and Protein. Blotting: DNA, RNA and Protein. Site directed mutagenesis, DNA/ Protein interactions: CHIP, EMSA, Reporter assays, pull down assays.

DNA modifying enzymes and vectors: Nucleases; Polymerases; Enzymes that modify the ends of DNA molecules: Terminal Transferase, T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Alkaline Phosphatases; DNA ligase, Restriction enzymes. Vectors for cloning and expression in prokaryotes and Eukaryotes: Plasmid Vectors, Phage Vectors, Cosmids, Phagemids, BACs, Yeast

Vectors, YACs, Lentiviral Vectors, Adenoviral Vectors, Plant Vectors, Insect Vectors. In-frame protein fusion and use of GFP for subcellular localization of protein/DNA. cDNA and genomic DNA library construction. Introduction of foreign DNA: Transfection, transformation, particle gun and Ti plasmid mediated.

Recent advances and applications: ZFNs, TALENs, CRISPR/Cas systems. Transgenic plants and animals, gene therapy, forensic applications.

Bioinformatics: DNA and protein databases. Promoter identification, Gene expression analysis, Big data analysis.



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