PhD Students

  1. Dr. Rupam Barman,
received PhD degree in May, 2010
  Thesis Title: Iwasawa Invariants of Elliptic Curves and p-Adic Measures   Associate Professor, IIT Guwahati
(Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi till 2016)
2. Dr. Rajesh Pratap Singh,
(jointly with Prof. B. K. Sarma)
received PhD degree in May, 2010
  Thesis Title: Permutation Polynomials and Their Applications in Cryptography   Assistant Professor, Central University, Patna
3. Dishari Chowdhury,   
received PhD degree in June, 2017
   Thesis Title: On Units in Group Algebras                          Post Doctoral Fellow, IISER Mohali    
4. Kumari Saloni, 
recived PhD degree in June, 2017
  Thesis Title: The Hilbert-Samuel Polynomial and Its Coefficients   Post Doctoral Fellow, CMI
5. Debopam Chakraborty, 
received PhD deree in June 2017
  Thesis Title: A Study of Class Number of Real Quadratic and Cubic Fields   Assistant Professor, Tezpur University
6. Naba Kanta Sarma,
submitted thesis in August, 2018
  Thesis Title: A Study of Torsion of  Elliptic Curves and Units over Number Fields   Assistant Professor, Assam University, Silchar
7. Shamik Das,
joined in July 2016
  Research Area: Arithmetic of Number Fields    
 8. Ajit Singh,
(jointly with Dr. R. Barman)
joined in July 2018
  Research Area: Modular Forms    

Former MSc Project Students in Research


1. Prasenjit Bhowmik (2006-07)


ETH Zurich, Switzerland  
2. Pawan Kumar (2006-07)


University of Orsay, France  
3. Swapnil Lokhande (2007-08)


IIT Bombay  
4. Sutanu Roy (2008-09)


University of Gottingen, Germany  
5. Mitra Koley (2010-11)


Chennai Mathematical Institute  
6. Shweta Srivastava (2010-11)


IISc Bangalore  
7. Dipankar Ghosh (2010-11)


IIT Bombay, India  
8.  Sourav Das (2011-12) Chennai Mathematical Institute  
9. Swapnendu Panda (2011-12) IIT Guwahati


10. Abdul Halim (2012-2013) IIT Kanpur


11. Projesh Nath Chowdhury (2012-13) IIT Madras


12. Tiasha Saha Roy (2013-14) IISER Kolkata


13. Rijubrata Kundu (2015-16) IISER Pune


14. Shamik Das (2015-16) IIT Guwahati


15. Ajit Singh (2016-17) IIT Guwahati



Former BTech Project Students in Higher Studies

  1. Abhinandan Completed Masters from from University of Leiden and Bordeaux Presently pursuing PhD in p-adic Hodge Theory in Bordeaux
  2.Vasudha Khandelwal  
Masters from Ohio State University