Supervision/Mentoring Carried out till now:


Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Alka Chadda (PhD from IIT Roorkee), May 2016--September 2017

Dr. Vidushi (PhD from IIT Roorkee), May 2017--November 2018


Doctoral Student


Sl No Name Thesis Title Period Status/Update
1 Dr. Subash Chandra Martha

Associate  Professor and Head,    Department of Mathematics              Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Punjab, India

Reflection and Transmission of Surface Water Waves by Undulating Bottom Topography July 2002--May 2007 Thesis defended: May 15, 2007
2 Dr. Smrutiranjan Mohapatra

Assistant Professor,                     Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, Odisha, India

Water Wave Scattering by a Spherical Structure and an Undulating Bottom Topography in a Two-layer Fluid July 2005--Oct 2009 Thesis defended:  Oct 26, 2009
3 Dr. Santu Das

Scientist C/Assistant Profssor II, Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, Paschim Boragaon, Guwahati, India

Linear Water Wave Damping by a Bottom-mounted Porous Structure and by Vertical Dual Porous Plates

July 2009--Sept 2014

Thesis defended: September 19, 2014

4 Dr. Mohammad Hassan   

Assistant Professor, North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Diffraction and Radiation of Water Waves by Two Coaxial Vertical Cylinders


July 2009--Sept 2014


Thesis defended: September 22, 2014
5 Dr. (Ms.) Sunanda Saha

Assistant Professor Dayanand Sagar University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India  


Study of Trapped Modes in Two- and Three-layer Fluids July 2010--Oct 2014

Thesis defended: October 20, 2014

6 Dr. (Ms.) Neelam Choudhary

Assistant Professor                 Bennett University                   Greater NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India

Linear Sloshing in Vertical Circular Cylindrical Containers with Different Configurations under the Influence of Surface Tension July 2010-Nov 2015 Thesis defended: November 30, 2015
7 Dr. Jayanta Borah (QIP)   

Assistant Professor, North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh, India

A Study on Some Classes of Fractional Differential Equations with Non-instantaneous Impulsive Conditions July 2012- Jan 2019 Thesis defended: January 28, 2019


8 Abhijit Sarkar Diffraction and Radiation of water Waves by Vertical Composite Porous Cylinders Jan 2016- Annual Progress Seminar Presented: August 30, 2018
9 Bandita Roy Study of Certain Classes of Fractional Differential Equations using Hilfer Derivatives Jan 2016- Annual Progress Seminar Presented: August 30, 2018
10 Ayan Chanda Propagation of Internal Waves in Two-layer Fluids over Periodic and other Uneven Bed Topographies July 2016- Annual Progress Seminar Presented: April 9, 2019
11 Koushik Kanti Barman Trapped waves in a two-layer fluid over uneven bottom topography July 2017- State-of-the-Art-Seminar presented: February 28, 2019
12 Matap Shankar -Not Decided- Jan 2019- Coursework in progress
13 Shiva Kandpal -Not Decided- Jan 2019- Coursework in progress

(All Solo Supervision)


Master's Student (M.Sc.)


Sl No Name Dissertation Title Period
1 Ms.Sonu Dugar First- and Second-order Wave Effects on a Floating Cylinder Dec'01-Apr'02
2 Asutosh Kr Rai Linear and Nonlinear Water Wave Theory for Large Cylinder(s) in Finite Depth Jul’03-May’04
3 Pankaj Nath Some Properties of Orthogonal Functions and their Applications Jul’06-May’07
4 Ms. Deeksha Chugh Surface Wave Propagation over an Uneven Ocean Bottom Jul’07-May’08
5 Ms Geetika Dutta Water Wave Scattering by Small Undulation on a Sea-bed : Investigation for Both Impermeable and Porous Beds Jul’07-May’08
6 Santu Das Propagation of Small Amplitude Waves over Irregular Sea-bed and Beds with Linear and Quadratic Slopes Jul’08-May’09
7 Suman Bhowmik Water Wave Scattering by a Porous Sea-bed Jul’08-May’09
8 K Jatin Water Wave Diffraction by Circular Cylinder(s) in Linear Water Waves Jul’09-May’10
9 Mridul Saikia Laplace’s Equation for Water Wave Diffraction Problem Dec'10-Apr'11
10 Ms Akanksha Yadav Potential flow problem in a wedge-shaped region Dec'11-Apr'12
11 Krishanu Ray On Different Types of  Dispersion Relations in Water Wave Problems Dec'11-Apr'12
12 Ms Bacchav Pooja Suresh Application of finite cosine transform for incompressible fluid flow problems over uneven bottom Dec'11-Apr'12
13 Ms Varsha Sharma Numerical inversion of Laplace transform via Mellin transform Dec'11-Apr'12
16 Sudipta Gayen Green's function and its applications in fluid dynamics Dec'13-May'14
17 Shibapada Mahato Modelling of infectious diseases and epidemics Dec'13-May'14
18 Nikhil Singh Application of Laplace transform and Mellin transform in a wedge-shaped region Dec'13-May'14
19 Abhijit Sarkar Fractional calculus and fractional differential equations Dec'14-May'15
20 Shantiram Nahata Green's function: properties and applications Dec'14-May'15
21 Sudarshan Santra Perturbation Techniques for differential equations Dec'14-May'15
22 Ms. Aayushi Koolwal Fractional Calculus and Some Classes of Fractional Differential Equations Dec'15-May'16
23 Ms. Arpita Sikder Water Wave Scattering and Damping Dec'15-May'16
24 Ms. Pranali Roy Chowdhury Sloshing in Circular and Rectangular Tanks Dec'15-May'16
25 Koushik Kanti Barman Transmission and Reflection Coefficients in Water Wave Scattering Problems Dec'16-May'17
26 Shubham Jain River Flow Modelling through Saint-Venant Equations Dec'16-May'17
27 Abhijit Shit Fractional Differential Equations and Open Channel River Flow Dec'17-May'18
28 Subhadra Mishra Study of Reflection of Linear Water Waves by Porous Structures Dec'17-May'18
29 Bittu Kumar Keshari Study of Fractional Differential Equations and Some Applications Dec'18-May'19
30 Suman Das Study of Linear Water Wave Propagation over Some Natural Obstacles Dec'18-May'19


B.Tech. Students


Sl. No. Name BTP Title Period
1 Abhishek Kumar Numerical Solution of Laplace's Equation in regular and irregular domains July'12-Apr'13
2 Sumit Singh Chauhan
3 Ajit Singh Bhati Integral Transform Methods in Fluid Dynamics Problems July'13-Apr'14
4 Lavesh Gupta
5 Dipo Daimary Scattering and Damping of water waves by porous structures July'16-Apr'17
6 Kartik Yadav
7 Mamilla Rajasekhar Flood Routing through Saint-Venant Equations with Lateral Inflow wit Special Emphasis on Diffusive Wave Equations July'18-May'19


Summer Trainee


Sl. No. Student Name Institute Title of Project Duration
1 Smaranika Dasgupta Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

(MSc (Math and Comp))

Green's Function Method for Time-independent Boundary Value Problems May 15 - July 10, 2012
2 Amrita Das
3 Kuntal Bhandari Viswa Bharati University

B.Sc (Maths) 4th semester

Study of Special Functions and Applications May 16-June 27, 2013
4 Dorothy Dutta Institute of Science and Technology, Gauhati University

B.S. (Maths) 6th semester

Differential Equations and Uses, Fundamental Numerical Analysis May 31- July 10, 2013
5 Upasana Das
6 Anindita Mukherjee
7 Rashmita Borah Tezpur University

Int. M.Sc.(Maths) 4th semester

8 Saswati Sinha Pondicherry University

Int. M.Sc.

Differential Equations: Theory and Practice June 10- July 9, 2015
9 Manmoy Paul Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

(MSc (Math and Comp))

10 Upasana Das Institute of Science and Technology, Gauhati University


11 Rachaita Dutta Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, (MSc (Math and Comp)), 2nd semester Special functions, integral transforms, water wave mechanics May 17-July 15, 2016
12 Soumik Das
13 Neha Roy B.Sc. 4th semester, Cotton College Differential equations, Fourier series May 17-July 15, 2016
14 Anubhuti Gohain Boruah BIT Mesra, Int. M.Sc.(Maths and Computing) 6th semester Computational Methods May -July  2017
15 Jyotsna Nath NIT Agartala,  Int. M.Sc.(Maths and Computing) 6th semester Methods of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Dynamics May -July  2017
16 Biswajit Prusty Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, MSc. (Appl Math) 2nd semester Special Functions, Integral Transforms May -July  2017
17 Disha Patil Centre for Modelling and Simulation, University of Pune, M.Tech. 2nd semester Modelling and Simulation of River Flow through Saint-Venant Equations May -July  2017
18 Kumari Ranjana BIT Mesra, Int. M.Sc.(Maths and Computing) 8th semester Ocean Wave Mechanics May 15-June 15,  2018
19 Karan Piplani NIT Rourkela, M.Sc. (Mathematics) 2nd semester Reflection and Transmission of Water Waves by Small Undulations May 15-July 12, 2018
20 Bivakar Bose IIEST, Shibpur, M.Sc. (Mathematics) 2nd semester River Flow Modelling May 15-June 29, 2018
21 Pankaj Gupta Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirapalli, B.SC. (Matheatics) 2nd year Differential Equations, Special Functions, Fourier Series May 15-June 29, 2018