Teaching Experience


(i) List of courses taught at Undergraduate level


1. Introduction to Computing (Theory & Laboratory).

2. Introduction to Data Structure (Theory & Laboratory).

3. Computer Architecture (Theory & Laboratory).

4. Artificial Intelligence (Theory).

5. Systems Programming (Theory & Laboratory).

6. Formal Language and Automata Theory (Theory).

7. Pascal and C programming (Theory & Laboratory).

8. Introduction to Micro-processor (Theory & Laboratory).

9. Digital Design (Theory & Laboratory).

10. Data Communication (Theory).

11. Computer Peripheral and Interfacing (Theory & Laboratory).

12. VLSI System design (Theory & Laboratory).

13. Information Transmissions and Security (Theory).

14. Advance Computer Architecture (Theory).

15. Computer Networks (Theory & Laboratory).

16. Computer and Network Security (Theory & Laboratory).

17. Wireless Networks (Theory).



(ii) List of courses taught at Postgraduate level


1. VLSI System Design (Theory & Laboratory).

2. Topics in Data Communications (Theory).

3. Advance Computer Architecture (Theory).

4. Information Transmissions and Security (Theory)

5. Computer and Network Security (Theory & Laboratory).

6. Wireless Networks (Theory).


(iii) Short-term/Refresher Courses

1. Introduction to Micro-processor.

2. Advances in Micro-processor.

3. Electronic Design Automation - Tools and Techniques.




Setting up teaching and Research laboratories:


  • Mini-Computer (HCL-MAGNUM and Micro-VAX) laboratory set-up at BIT, Mesra, Ranchi during 1989-1990.


  • SUN-SPARC for DOE sponsored project research laboratory set-up at Department of Computer Sc. & Engg., IIT Kharagpur during 1993-1994.


  • All laboratories (Hardware & Software) setup of Computer Sc. & Engg., Computer Center and Campus Wide Networking of IIT Guwahati.


  • Several research laboratories at IIT Guwahati such as


    1. GARUDA Grid project (136 CPU with AMD 8218 processor 4MB Main memory per CPU, SAN Storage with 6TB storage space and LTO-3 Tape Library),
    2. Wireless Sensor Network project (having 20 CROSSBOW sensor mote with programming capability),
    3. ERNET project (having routers, Layer 3 switches, Web servers and NMS servers for providing Internet services)
    4. Information Security Education and Awareness Projects (with servers, routers, switches).



Using different types of instruments, systems, computers etc. :


  • System Expose: SUN 3/60, SUN 3/280, SUN SPARC 10,SUN ULTRA SPARC 1200, DEC ALPHA, HP 9000/550, HP 807, HP 712, HP J200, HP K240, HP C240, SGI (INDIGO, OCTANE), Pentium PC's, PARAM 10000 etc.


  • Operating System Expose: SUN-OS, SOLARIS, HP-UX, OSF/1, IRIX, NOVELL Netware 4.11, Windows servers, LINUX etc.


  • Software Packages Used: VTI Tools & Nelsis VLSI design package, Vinyas, MicroSim, Sis-tools for logic circuit design & synthesis, VHDL, Network Simulator-2 (ns-2), GloMoSim etc.


  • Hardware & Network accessories: Oscilloscope up to 500MHz, Function Generators, Logic Analyzer, Universal EPROM programmers, 8085/8086 Development systems, Actel Programmer, XILINIX programmer, Repeater, Switch, Modem, Router, EPABX (Lucent) and IP-DISLAM etc.