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Pallabita B Chowdhury

Mrs. Pallabita Barooah Chowdhury is a double Master Degree holder in Education and Psychology from the Gauhati University specializing in Abnormal Psychology and Clinical Psychology respectively. A trained and qualified teacher with 20 years of experience; she mentored, guided and counselled students at various educational institutions. Her interest and success in helping people in distress, particularly students led her to gain a Certificate in Counselling from GU.

A passionate Educator and Mentor, she co-authored a book ‘A Handbook on Parenting’ using her vast experience and interactions with students and parents.

Ms. Chowdhury approaches her work as a Counsellor from an eclectic and integrated perspective and would like to rather define her current profile as a Life Coach to students. A spiritualist and humanist at heart, Ms. Chowdhury believes in Positive Thought, Feeling and Action as medium of life defining changes and transitions. For her the world lies ‘between the two eyes’ and it is the sense of personal responsibility and the practice of healthy purposeful living that creates a better life and a better world for an individual. Apart from counselling she is one of the facilitators for the in - house lifeskills programme of IITG. She also oversees the peer-mentorship programme.

A mother of two girls, Ms. Chowdhury resides in Uzan Bazar, Guwahati along with her extended family.

Contact Information: Pallabita B Chowdhury
Contact: 0361-258-3989(O)
Cell no: 9864154855 / 9435569998

Namrata N. Rynjah

Namrata Naomi Rynjah has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She has been in the field of counseling for over 5 years having experienced working with educational institutions and organization working for gender justice. Her area of interest lie in working with young adults on issues they may encounter on a day to day basis which can range from career crisis to personality development and relationship issues.

She is a Certified Career Counsellor having worked with young adults in helping them identify their potential and developing a career path. She is also a Master Trainer in Lifeskills and Sexual Reproductive health and has conducted workshops in several colleges and institutions in the country. She is currently one of the facilitators for the in - house lifeskills programme on campus. She is available for consultation at the counseling cell located in the New SAC building.

Contact Information: Namrata N Rynjah
Phone no: 9863400016
Landline no : (0361) 258 3987

Mr. Rakesh Kakati

Mr. Rakesh Kakati, is an experienced Counselling Psychologist who earned his Master’s degree in Counselling psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. He has been serving in the field since 2014 with his involvement with various N.G.O’s in the city of Guwahati and through private practice. He has been a Senior Counsellor at a day-boarding school in the city and is a resource person to various organisations where he delivers lectures etc. He joined IIT-Guwahati in 2015 and served as a member of different committees.

Mr. Rakesh works actively with individuals facing trying circumstances in the form of bereavement, academic pressure, familial discord, adjustment issues etc., along with clients who are suffering from various conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder etc. Apart from his professional duties, he likes to spend quality time with friends and family and play with his pet Labrador.

Contact info: Rakesh Kakati
Email: or
Office tel: 0361-2583988
Mobile: 9707222941

The counsellors are always ready to help you and are in New SAC building most of the day. Counselling services is available as below.

Monday to Thursday 9.00 am to 7.30 pm
Friday and Saturday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday holiday.
But the counsellors are always available on telephone or e-mail so please feel free to contact them.