Saathi club
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


by Saathi

Mandatory Interaction

An one to one interaction between the counsellors and the freshers to orient them towards the counselling process and the functioning of the counselling cell.

This programme lets the fresher know about the support system available to them on campus.

* It is compulsory for all freshers.

Peer Mentorship Programme

This programme has been introduced with the objective to help freshers in the transition to the Institute and its style of functioning.

It helps to serve as a bridge between the institute and the personal experiences of the student along with providing them with the required support to adjust to everyday living.

Each fresher is alloted one mentor (a senior B.Tech student).

Life Skills Program

Lifeskills have been defined as the "abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable indiiduals to deal effectivly with the demands and changes of everyday life." The lifeskills programme has been introduced on campus with the objective to help students develop LIFE - SKILLS which are essentially those abilities that help to promote mental well being and competency of young adults as they face the realities of life.

Currently this programme is conducted as a workshop where in students students can voluntarily regester for the course.

Other than this we also have other activities such as an ice breaking session and talks on various topics from time to time.

The ice breaking sessions is an individual hostel based event where the freshers and seniors have a good group interaction over games and activities.

Open houses with counsellors are conducted from time to time for Ph.D scholars and M.Tech students.

Distinguished and emminent personalities from various fields are invited to speak from time to time on socially relevent topics.