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About Us

With the motto of promoting technology, creativity and innovation, the Technical Board understands and believes that this fast changing and evolving era is the perfect time to live in and step-up to shape our future by looking at the world as our playground!

Many students have that creative urge in them ready to shoot out at any moment. They have dreamt and believed that they were supposed to do something amazing, special, important and outstanding and they were destined for success! Those who believe that they can innovate, create and build their own future, Technical Board provides them with both the opportunity and support to help them leave their mark, make a difference and leave their legacy by choice and not by chance!

Prof. Arnab Sarkar

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Contact: +91 361 258 3252


Conceptualized with an aim to motivate the youth of our nation to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres, Techniche has stayed true to its vision since; and from its humble beginnings, it now revels in being one of the premier techno-management festivals of the nation. Link:

Udgam, the IIT Guwahati Enterpreneurship Sumit was conceptualized for a single purpose: to inspire people to know what it is like to pursue your dreams as an Enterpreneur, from people who know this perfectly well, and who want everyone else to do the same. This has been the aim for every edition of Udgam and we hope to continue moving towards this goal as relentlessly as possible. From giving you a chance to meet and interact with people who subscribe to our point of view of going ahead with what you are passionate about, and helping you shed your apprehensions and giving you a first-hand experience of how you should do so.

12 hostels, 7 days, 1 title! The inter hostel technical and management festival where nous and creativity are one’s only saviors. With a conflux of competitions from Robotics, Product Design, Finance and Management, Marketing Strategy, Quizzes, Astronomy and Gaming, this fest has been successful in uniting people from each year and department, besides inculcating the hostel spirit. The hostel which ranks first after considering the performances in each event is tagged as the ‘Kriti Champions’.
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Every year many passionate students work on their dream projects. They all have one aim-To create something new and innovative! The Technical Board presents – TechEvince, the annual research exhibition! This segment is one of those rare avenues where you can see and experience a wide spectrum of modern technology with a very unique collection of exhibits from the students of IITG! The cardinal aim of this event is to bring to light the Technological Advancements our institute has witnessed till date, to acknowledge the projects which have been successfully completed by the budding tech-savvy student fraternity and to give recognition to the people who have contributed to it.
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