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Over March 1st, 2nd and 3rd, we will bear host to the participants of the 2nd edition of Alfaaz, the Literary Festival organised by IIT Guwahati. They say that Man, by virtue of his deeds, is no better than an animal. Save for one thing; he bears the gift of literature. Man can speak. He can write. And with these, he can do wonders. We live in an age whence people fear going to war, since a high-tech war can bludgeon all life within the blink of an eye.

None else to go, propaganda takes centre-stage, whence words weigh in, and reputations are created and extinguished with the whiff of an author's pen. Alfaaz is a salute to this very virtue. Bringing forth impromptu elocution contests, the popular ad-spoof-making and voice-modulation contests, dumb charades, a photo-journalism event coupled with an exhibition in a photo-gallery, as also a national-level Panel Discussion,a parliamentary debate competition, Alfaaz plans to morph the hitherto academic environs of IIT Guwahati into a blazing battleground. A battle, with weapons mightier than ordinary swords.

A battleground, yes, but with a small difference. A King parts with his silence before a war; only to gift his troops a flourish of words. Words, that infused into millions, a will to fight unto death. At Alfaaz, we build a war around words. So everyone goes back wiser. And alive...

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