The Anchoring Club

Behold the fear as you step onto the stage and watch the thousands cheering and jeering! The hand shakes to hold the mic and the voice quivers to address those ready to crucify! But do not fear if this is what your mind hears! Welcome to Anchorenza!

Started 2 years ago, the Anchoring Club has today evolved to be one of the most active clubs of IITG. Hosting a variety of programs ranging from anchoring in different programs, holding inter-hostel competition like the ‘One-Man Comedy Show’ to Jockeying on the Campus Radio, our club has got all the activities to interest the enthusiasts!

Though the club began with a modest aim of improving anchoring in Alcheringa, the cultural festival of IIT Guwahati, it has grown into a host of other things too. The Campus Radio, a recently started idea of the club has seen much approval and the club looks to move into FM Radio soon. Anchoring in different cultural programs of the college is a part of the club’s activities as is improvement of anchoring through provision of opportunities and pressure of compulsion! The club also holds workshops related to RJ’ing, anchoring improvement, stage demeanor and many other related topics. With a main aim of providing opportunities to those interested in the field, the club is always looking to bring the innovative mind in you out, and nurture it to perfection! So find your place in our club and join your brotherhood!