7. Dr. Ravi Kant: Assessment of feasibility, productivity and product quality during laser bending of magnesium alloy sheets [completed]

    6. Dr. Gururaj Bolar: Numerical and Experimental studies on thin-wall machining of aerospace grade aluminum 2024 alloy [Completed]

    5. Mr. Borad Barkachary: Numerical modeling and experimental investigations on single point diamond tool turning [on going]

    4. Mr. Sanasam Sunderlal Singh: Fabrication of precise and high-aspect ratio micro-channels on stainless steel and polycarbonate using Q-switched Nd:YAG laser [on going]

    3. Miss. N. Devarani: On surface modification and material properties improvement using electric discharge processing [on going]

    2. Miss. Sanghamitra Das: Precision die-machining using wire-EDM process [on going]

    1. Miss. Upasana Sarma: Numerical modeling of precision micro machining using lasers [on going]

M. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)

B. Tech. (Mechanical Engg.)

Junior Research Fellow (JRF)

    1. Argha Das: Improving productivity and product quality in machining of thin-walled components. (Completed)