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B.Tech Students


Shaon Sutradhar


Thesis: Study of Field Induced Two-Phase Flows In Microchannels.
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Sagnik Midda


Thesis: Development of FET devices.
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Md. Rashid Ali Faridi


Thesis: Transport of Microdroplets under Magnetic Field.
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Aditya Ratna


Thesis: Design of a Spray-Nozzle to Deliver Organic Cell Matrix.
Co-supervisor: Prof. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
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Kancharala Samhita


Thesis: Field Induced Single Phase Flows inside Microchannels.
Co-supervisor: Prof. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
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Aadesh Meena


Thesis: Motion of Charged Particle in a conducting fluid under the influence of Electromagnetic field in a microchannel.
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Chola Bhargava Dandamudi


Thesis: Field Induced Two-Phase Flows in Microchannels.
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Ms. Aanchal Gupta


Thesis: Potential MEMS Devices for Sensing: An Optical Biosensor for the Detection of Creatinine.
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Mr. Jayant Borana


Thesis: Dynamics of thin polymer films on functional surfaces.
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Mr. K. Vineet Kumar


Thesis: Generation of droplets in microchannels employing alternating current electric field.
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
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Mr. Bidyut Bikash Changmai

(b.changmai @iitg.ernet.in)

Thesis: Dynamics of Fluid Flow on Carbon Surfaces.
Co-supervisor: Prof. Ashok Kumar Dasmahapatra
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Mr. Anjisnu


Thesis: Transport of Nanofluids With Orientational Order.
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Ms. Manisha Sharma


Thesis: Instability Induced Patterning Using Complex Fluids.
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Mr. Indrajeet Kumar


Thesis: Micro/Nano fluidic study to enhance mixing, heat and mass transfer.
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Mr. Prashant Kumar

Thesis: Stability and dynamics of thin films composed of leaky insulators: Analytical and computational outlook of the problem.
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Mr. Himanshu Goyal

Thesis: Stability Analysis of Two Layer Fluid Flow Inside Channel Over Porous Medium: Orr - Sommerfield Analysis.
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