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Influence of Porous Substrates on the Instabilities and Patterning of Thin Polymer films, SEED grant, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (2009-2012) - as Principal Investigator

In the proposed research work, we plan to study the dynamics and morphology of thin (< 100 nm) polymer films on some porous substrates. Thus far, the studies involving the instabilities in macroscopic films (~ mm) on porous-media uncover that instead of placing the film on a rigid substrate, coating the film on a porous-media can significantly alter the length and time scales of the instability. We extend this analysis to the thin film (<100-nm) domain and study the influence of porous medium on the length and time scales of instability. We intend to carry out a detailed linear stability analysis based on the stokes equation for the film and Darcy–Brinkman equation for the porous media to uncover the dependence of time and length scales of the instabilities on the permeability, slippage, tortuosity, surface roughness of the porous medium. In addition, we plan to carry out nonlinear simulations to demonstrate the pathway of the morphological evolution and the respective interfacial morphologies.