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External Field Driven Flow Induced micro/nano scale Patterning, Mixing, Heat and Mass transfer in micro/nano Fluidic Devices, SERB project in Engineering Sciences, DST (2011-2014) - as Principal Investigator

Microfluidics Setup in Computational and Experimental Domains
Droplet Breaking inside a Microchannel

The micro/nano-scale interfacial instabilities of thin-micro/nano films engendered by the externally applied Electric (electro-hydrodynamics: EHD) and Electro-Magnetic (electro-magneto-hydrodynamics: EMHD) fields will be investigated. Previous studies suggest that external field induced (EHD or EMHD) flows and related instabilities can be of importance for transporting, patterning, mixing and pumping liquids inside the micro/nano scale devices.

Field Induced Droplet Generation and Emulsification

We plan to investigate the dynamics and morphology of thin films composed of a pair of liquid electrolytes/ polymer films/ liquid crystals/ polymer gels or composites of any two of these materials. The major aims of this study to explore the conditions at which the control of instability can lead to ordered micro/nano patterns, guide micro-channel flows for transport, enhance the heat and mass transfer, mixing, emulsification, etc.

Microreactors for Nanoparticle formation

The scientific understanding and the related applications can be of importance especially in the context of micro/nano fluidics in lab-on-a-chip, microreactors, microelectronic, and drug-delivery devices among others.