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A combined experimental and theoretical study on the instability and patterning of thin liquid crystal films, FAST TRACK Project, DST, (2010-2013) - as Principal Investigator

Self-Healing Liquid Crystals

We propose to study the dynamic behavior of thin films and drops of nematic LCs. The specific objectives of this proposal are three fold. (1) Experimental study on the deformation, pattern formation and phase transition of thin LC films on smooth and patterned surfaces; (2) Development of long-wave models from the nematohydrodynamic transport equations and compare them with the experiments that involves deformations/pattern formation at the free surfaces and moving contact lines; (3) Develop long-wave models from the bulk equations, which describe films in the nematic and/or isotropic phase and transitions between them.

Liquid Crystal Microreflectros and Locomotion

These studies will allow us to answer the set of intriguing open questions in this area of research.