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Design and Development of Intelligent Catalytic Nanobots – DST NANO MISSION (2013-2016) – as Principal Investigator

pH Taxis of Microbots
ChemoMagnetoGalvano Taxis of Superbots
Paperbot Microjets
Magnetophoretic Liquibots

We plan to design, develop, and study the behavior of programmed gen-next artificial micro/nanobot, which can be employed as futuristic drug transporter, defect healer, swarm robot, and distributed sensor. Previously, the sub-micron scale first generation ‘Janus’ micro/nanobots achieved auto-propulsion chemically by the catalytic decomposition of peroxide fuel. These motors achieved some success in picking up and delivering cargos under simple artificial environments. Further, they showed self-propulsion under varied chemical, magnetic and photo gradients. However, the functionalities of the first generation are still in the infancy as compared to their biological counterparts. The major challenge is to achieve the motion in realistic environments, infuse multi-dimensional targeted functionality, and then to gain control over them. Further, the physics associated with these active systems is complex and not well understood because it is in the transition domain of macro/microscopic hydrodynamics and Brownian dynamics originating from the non-equilibrium nature of these systems.