Dr. Sachin D. Kore

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati Office: D-304, DoME
Phone: +91-361-258 2652, Fax: :+91 361 2690762



Important Seminar/ Conference Attended


1 International Conference on High Speed Forming (ICHSF), Daejeon, Korea, 2014,

Warm Electromagnetic Forming of AZ 31 B Alloys, 2014


2  2nd international Conference on Materials Processing and Characterization (ICMPC2013) held at GRIET Hyderabad, Electromagnetic Forming of Sheets, Invited Talk, 2013


3 15th ESAFORM Conference, Editors: M. Merklein and H. Hagenah, Feiedrich-Alexander Universitat, Erlangen-Nurenberg, Germany, March 2012.,


.Fully Coupled Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Forming

·Study of Wavy Interface in Electromagnetic Welds, 2012


4 SPICON 2012, International Conference held at SPCOE Mumbai, Numerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Impact Welding Process, Session Chair, 2012


5 International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference, (IDDRG) 2012, held at IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Free-Forming of Aluminium Alloy using Electromagnetic Forming Process, 2012


6 COPEN-7, held at COEP Pune, Comparison of Fusion Welds with Electromagnetic Welds, 2011,


7. 64th Annual assembly and international conference of the international institute of welding, Global trends in joining, cutting and surface technology, Chennai

·       Characterisation of Electromagnetic Pulse Welds of Al-Al and Al-AZ 31 Sheets

·       Study of Impact Behaviour of Sheets in Electromagnetic Pulse Welding 2011

8 International Workshop on Electromagnetic Forming Technique 2010 (EMFT 2010), held at Anna University, Chennai, Magnetic Pulse Welding of Similar and Dissimilar Metals, 2010


9 Sheet Metal Forming 09, held at IIT Bombay, India, Electromagnetic Forming and Welding of Metals: A Brief Review (Invited Talk), 2009


10 Sheet Metal Welding Conference XII, Detroit, USA, Electromagnetic Welding of Aluminum sheets



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