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Projects undertaken during April 2011- March 2012

Projects undertaken during April 2010- March 2011

Projects undertaken during April 2009- March 2010

Projects undergtaken during April 2008- March 2009

Projects undertaken during April 2007- March 2008

Projects undertaken during April 2006- March 2007

Projects undertaken during April 2005- March 2006

Projects undertaken during April 2004- March 2005

Projects undertaken during April 2003- March 2004

On-Line Course Materials Developed so far under QIP-IITG 

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IIT Guwahati

Curriculum Development Cell

Curriculum Development (CD) Cell Activities

The following are the CD Cell Activities to be undertaken by the QIP Centers (CD Cell activities undertaken by the Centers may include any or combination of the activities):

  • Book writing

  • Development and updating of curriculum

  • Laboratory manual preparation

  • Course material preparation

  • Teaching aid preparation

  • Development of evaluation procedures/material on examination reforms

  • Holding of conferences, seminars, special lectures, panel discussions related to CD

  • Preparation of resource material like monographs, lecture notes, teacher’s manuals etc.

  • Preparation of instructional material such as slide based packages, audio cassettes based teaching material, video films, multi-mode teaching aids, OHP transparencies, Power-Point presentation etc.

  • Preparation of CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) packages, software and multi-media packages.

  • Development of material related to Education Technology

  • Undertaking inter-institutional programmes for development of other engineering colleges

  • Activities related to the technical education and vocational training of the handicapped

  • Any other activities for improving the technical education process.