Update on 21st February, 2018

As such I am not guiding any summer student this year (2018), I have some personal things to finish. Only one special case has been accepted. I will not accept any more.

Update on 1st September

No summer project student will be admitted in summer 2016 as I have other things to finish. Do not send any application for Summer 2016 (except IIT G student). For IIT Guwahati student, only one can be admitted only if I am satisfied after talking to him/her. M.Sc. project students from IIT Guwahati are welcome (Only one).

Update on 10th May

Purusottom started working for his summer project on polymer.

Update on 15th March

Do not send any more application for summer project for 2015. I cannot accommodate more. We are a tiny group and the PhD student will be busy completing his thesis.

Update on 10th Feb

OINDRILA, Subham, Rweetuparna, Srijani

Thank you for considering my group for Summer Project but as you can see from the other updates from this page that I cannot possibly accommodate all of you even if I wish. Decision for this summer is already made (below) and I will follow that. Summer project is not such a big deal and I am not someone so important that you have to be trained by me. I hope you and all others who are looking for one will understand.

Update on Summer project 7th Feb

I decided on the following two student for Summer Project.

Purusottom Das, IIT Kanpur, First year M. Sc.
Shubham Mahajan, IISER Kolkata, First year BSMS

I am keeping the following name in waiting list. It will be invoked in case any one of the first two decide not to come

Lupamudra Rajkhowa, NIT Silchar, First year MSc

It was difficult to choose logically from such a large number of applications. Most of you had very good background and definitely eligible for summer project with me. Problem is that I cannot possibly accommodate all of you as it would be like a practical class rather than research project. I wish you luck finding somewhere. I reiterate that summer project is not a necessity to be a good researcher. This time I choose only two as there will be only one PhD student to help me. Thus I have reduced the number to two from my usual three.

Tentative Projects that we will take up this summer

  • Synthesis and characterisation of Micron to sub-micron sized functional polymer and feasibility testing for their application. Previously we explored such material briefly (Journal of Applied polymer Science, 2008, 1158.) but did not follow up further. Recently we found that some of those materials have excellent chromium removal property much better than what we have observed before(Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2007, 143, 24). We now want to explore the synthesis itself and explore ways to functionalize the polymer further.
  • Synthesis of micron to sub-micron sized magnetic particle and see if we can coat these with functionalized polymer or can put functional groups on the surface of the magnets.

Future of these project is to put chiral recognition centres on the surface to facilitate chiral recognition, an area we are already actively engaged.

Update on 2nd February

Do not send any more application for summer project. I have more than enough already. I will put the list of two student here at the end of this week. I cannot accommodate more than that. We are a tiny group and the PhD student will be busy completing his thesis.

Update on 11th January, 2015

Till today I have already received more than 20 applications from IISERs students, BSc with DST Inspire, reputed college etc. I am having a hard time selecting two out of twenty. Do not send any more applications. For those who already did, will hear me at the end of January. For those whom I cannot accommodate, there will be enough time for finding another one.

How would I choose? Have not found a fair and perfect way. Looking at CGPI or grade point does not always lead to intelligent student. The main problem is too many student and all of them applying to everywhere as no one is sure which one will work out. In any case, I will let my choice known here at the end of this month when I have some time to look at the applications more closely.

Summer Project

I usually admit two student from outside Guwahati and one student from Guwahati region. Applications received up to 7th Feb, 2015 will be considered. Selected students will be informed by email on 15th Feb 2015. Selection is usually based on the biodata and my judgement from past experience.

Every year large number of student apply for Summer Project. It become difficult to choose as this is not a curriculum based work. You just get introduced to a research area. Working in the summer is not really necessary for most student unless you are planning to do your PhD in US. NET and GATE qualification is more important for admission to PhD programme in Indian Institutes and Universities. Summer project does not help much in that respect. More important is to focus on studies during summer to clarify the doubts that you have on your B.Sc. or M.Sc. courses. That might be more useful for NET or GATE. However, there are few who are already confident about their knowledge of chemistry and itching to get hands dirty or to expand their horizon. They are more suitable for summer project. In those cases, choose an area that either you are planning to do research in future or an area you want to test it’s suitability for you.

If you do apply then send application along with resume/biodata. Don’t send the same mail to everybody in one Department (Bulk mail). It would mean that even though you have expressed interest, you have no clue about what you are interested in. Send mails to specific people at different institutions, wait a week for reply. If they have not replied, send one more time and wait for two day. If there is no reply, send to another person in the same institution (your next choice). Never use social site english like thanx etc. Write in formal english. If you have doubt then ask someone to check the english before sending the mail.


Manabendra Ray