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At regular intervals, sessions are organised by Cepstrum in which the freshers get a chance to interact with their seniors and get valuable guidance to matters ranging from academics to almost any other problem they are facing in college, all discussed over coffee, of course. Two such sessions were held in the year 2016 and the team aims at increasing the number further the coming years.



Study sessions are organised for all the students to help in improving their academic performance. The toppers or seniors help the pupils clarify their doubts and take friendly lectures if required in some courses where they aim to sum up the entire semester course in a few hours. We encourage group study in these sessions while providing an atmosphere which infuses motivation and interest.



Starting in the year 2016 itself, these are trips to real power stations nearby the campus to provide practical experience on the actual working of a power station. The entire freshmen batch of 2016 was taken to Assam State Electricity Board Power Station outside IIT Guwahati. The students got to learn a great deal about the working of high voltage machines and generators.



The EEE department encourages its students to participate and indulge in projects to enrich their experience. Team Cepstrum coordinates with professors of various departments and help them connect with interested students of the EEE department. These projects add a great deal of work experience and help the students gain more knowledge of various fields.



These are the meetings organised by the seniors, to give an overview of each semester beforehand: which courses require more hardwork than others, few tips to help in the labs etc. Insight majorly focuses on giving a firsthand experience to the students. These meetings are for the students of the second, third and final years since the freshers are guided in the coffee house sessions themselves.


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