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The perplexity among the first year students about the choice of Minor Courses and HSS courses in their sophomore year is quite common. To elucidate all the confusion, cepstrum conducts an Interaction Session where the students are made conversant with the details of the courses and their importance in future career.

4th semester HSS guide


To help the students bear fruits in placements, cepstrum conducts lecture session on how to prepare for placement season. Students who formerly get placed also participate in the session to discuss their strategies and interview experience. The session helps students to get up the nerve to face the placements.


Who can be better mentors than the ones who ride high in their careers. Cepstrum organises discussion sessions with the alumni of IIT Guwahati. Students get to know about their experiences as students in the college and also about various topics related to the corporate and industrial world. This session proves to be a perfect lodestar.


Cepstrum organises educative lectures on various core Electronics and Electrical topics like Python, Machine Learining, Matlab, VLSI, etc. The topics that are discussed in the classes are covered and the students are also annotated about umpteen opportunities and scope in these fields.



In order to guide the sophomores and prefinal year to put systematic efforts towards bringing off 2nd and 3rd year internship, Ceptrum conducts Internship Talks that covers every aspect of the application procedure be it CV making or appropriate cover letter writing or cracking the plausible interviews.


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