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The world is changing very fast.", says Rupert Murdoch, "Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow." And surely it will be the more informed beating the lesser one, the most knowledge bearing person getting ahead of the rest. Certainly then, for innovating and thus for succeeding, being informed and being ‘in-phase’ with the developments around are as important as having the drive to succeed. 'InPhase', the departmental magazine of the Department of EEE, IIT Guwahati is an endeavor to connect all the students, research scholars and our faculty and to bring them in-phase with what's going on in the department, in the industry and in the electronics and electrical fields in general. Curated and published by the student body Cepstrum, it will also be a medium to gain valuable insights from the experiences of our alumni and from prominent people in the industry as well as academia. InPhase aims to encompass all this and also act a creative outlet for students and professors alike allowing them to showcase their work to the junta.

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15th Edition

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14th Edition

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13th Edition

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12th Edition

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11th Edition

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10th Edition

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9th Edition

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8th Edition

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7th Edition

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6th Edition

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5th Edition

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4th Edition

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3rd Edition

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2nd Edition

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1st Edition

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