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A conglomeration of the typical seniors a fresher comes across and the 2 am friends hostellers make during their stay here in campus, Cepstrum is the students’ society of the department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, IIT Guwahati.

The main aim of the society is primarily to provide a lending hand in the development of future engineers and entrepreneurs either through brainstorming academics or the non-academics presented as a package everyone wants to be a part of. It strives to provide the beneficiaries with an exposure to world class research ventures through various activities ranging from workshops, talks to mentorship programmes. A registered student of EEE department of IIT Guwahati is a default member of Cepstrum, and this is a privilege one will soon realise during the stay.

Our work? Give a sneak peek in our annual departmental magazine InPhase, launched in the fall of 2007, the efforts envisioned to bring the readers in phase with the latest developments in the field of electronics and related areas. Or you could check out the plethora of resources to aid all your academic needs. One of the other important tasks of the student body is to bridge the gap between students and faculty.

One of it's kind here in the campus, the members work towards the promotion of knowledge among the peers.

Department of EEE

Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) deals with the learning of everything ranging from different electrical machines to how our electrical systems work and sustain. It includes the engineering problems, opportunities and needs of electrical, electronics, computer, telecommunication systems and related industries.

The EEE department was established in the IIT Guwahati during its inception in 1995. The primary objective of the department has always been to provide a strong foundation of design, theoretical and practical aspect of the course at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in various areas of the field.

The department aims at teaching and research in the areas of Communications and Signal Processing, Control and Instrumentation, Power Electronics and Power Systems, Biomedical and Speech Processing, VLSI design, and Image Processing to name a few. The department is actively engaged in research churning out publications in renowned journals and conferences. Much of this research is funded by national and international funding agencies. The department laboratories are equipped with the state of the art experimental and computational facilities for undertaking activities in various fields.

In simple words, the engineers from our department are responsible for the designs of all the household appliances like mobiles, TVs, motor, generators, cars, etc. without which we would still be living the life of a caveman.

Recent Events

Cepstrum Orientation

Lecture Hall

6:00 PM, 29th September 2018

Cepstrum, the most active student body welcomes all freshmen to explore what the EEE department has to offer. Come to see what we do throughout the year to make your life at IIT a bit more eventful and memorable

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Farewell of 4th Yearites

Mini Auditorium

5:30 PM, 21st April 2019

With the culmination of the academic year Cepstrum bade Farewell to the 4th yearites of IIT Guwahati.Though we are sad to bid you farewell but we are also happy for your bright future.

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Magic Show by Pritam Patra

New Conference Hall, EEE Extension

5:30 PM, 10th May 2017

A Fun magic show by department's very own magician Mr. Pritam Patra, popularly known as Magician Torque. He is a final year undergraduate student who will be pursuing his career as a professional magician.

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