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Archizontas: Freshers' Party

Cepstrum hosts a welcoming Fresher's Party for the EEE department freshers, which provides the perfect opportunity to the First Yearites to bond with the Seniors, as well as with each other and also show their talents. This event is the one-stop for delicious food, dance, music, hilarious games and loads of fun. Exciting party themes, like 'Juxtapose' in 2016, and 'Mr and Miss Fresher' competition are the most enthusiastic parts of the party.

Mr & Miss Fresher 2016

Teacher's Day

A teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning. While teachers play a crucial role in every student's life, a student's words of appreciation kindles joy in their hearts. To honour the contributions of the teachers in taking a student from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge, Cepstrum celebrates Teacher's day by decorating the department and letting our teachers know how much they mean to us.

Decorations on the wall

Farewell Party

The four years of Engineering College are filled with thrilling experiences that can never be forgotten, memories that will always be cherished and secrets that will always be kept. Cepstrum adds to this special journey by hosting a fun-filled farewell party for the nostalgic fourth yearites who are set to explore further endeavors in life.

Class of 2017: Dept of EEE

Professor Farewell

The professors of EEE Department are the most unforgettable not only because of their incomparable wit, insights and achievements, but also for the unique experiences they share with the students. The student-professor bond is truly unique and is always admired by both and Cepstrum honours the contributions of the leaving Professor by hosting a farewell which enhances this admiration. With the culmination of academic year 2016-17, Cepstrum bade farewell to among the most prolific and unforgettable professor, Prof. Amit Sethi that IIT Guwahati has ever witnessed.

Amit Sir on his farewell

Remembering the Pioneers

Certain ideas, inventions and discoveries have been the most remarkable contributions and can never be forgotten for its revolutionary impact on mankind. To commemorate these legends, Cepstrum celebrates the birthdays of great scientists who shaped our world. Thomas A. Edison is one such legend. To venerate his 170th Birthday, Cepstrum had put up decorations around the department on 11th February. (The bulb used in the decorations was a real one lit up from behind by LEDs and a Lipo Battery)

Celebrating the genius of Edison

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