Technical reports at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

M.Tech. and B.Tech.

M.Tech. [Computer Science & Engg.]

(1) Web Based Natural Language Interface for Data Mining (Ch. Pavan Kumar, 2000)
(2) Web based Data Acquisition and processing  (Co-guided) (Rajesh Kumar B.,2000)
(3)YelpS: Electronic Yellow Pages generator and Shopper over the web (Debabrata Debnath, 2001).
(4) Intelligent Agents for Tour Planning (M. Venkata Kishore, 2002)
(5) An Intelligent Web shopping Assistant (V.Prabhakar, 2002)
(6) An Embedded Learning Controller for Autonomous Reconfigurable Robots (Sasikanth Bharadwaj, 2003)
(7).PlanET – A Web based Planner for Tourism (Rajesh N ,2003)
(8) Discovering Active Regions in Non-redundant Genome Databases (K. Ramesh, 2003)
(9) An Co-operative Agent Architecture for Learning User-Behaviour on the Desktop (V.Shyam Prakash, 2003)
(10) An Intelligent Web Page Filtering and Blocking System (J.Swami Naik, 2003)
(11) RobIN-II– A Generic Framework for Embedding Robots on the Internet (Rajendra Prasad Badapanda, 2004).
 (12) Evolving Gaits for the Stiquito™ (robot) through Web Services (Puneet Bakshi, 2004)
(13) A Bluetooth Enabled Embedded Learning Controller for Autonomous Mobile Robots  (V.M.Krishna, 2004)
(14) Chakshu – A Computer Interface for the Visually Challenged (Co-guided) (Arindam Choudhury, Uday Trivedi, 2005)
(15) A Biologically Inspired Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) for Multi Agent Mobile Robotics (Chingtham Tejbanta Singh, 2005)
(16) iRobIN: An Active Framework for Intelligent Mobile Robots on the Web (Naveen K. Toppo, 2005)
(17) A MANET of Robots for Enhancing Sensor Network Capabilities (M. Saravanan, K.V.D. Pradeep Kumar, 2006) (
(18) On Using a Parallel Architecture for Simulating Molecular Structure Formation (Dipti Gagneja, 2006)
(19) Towards Building a Social Network of Human Beings and Robots (Rashmi Dutta Baruah, 2007).
(20) A Communication Architecture for a network of Mobile Robots and Human beings (P. Soni, Ramkumar Rathore, 2007).
(21) Enabling Net Access for Mobile Devices (A. Suneel, 2007) [Jointly with Dr. J.K.Deka]
(22) Email Services for the Visually Challenged (P. Eswaraiah, 2007) [Jointly with Dr.P.K.Das]
(23) Enabling Mobile Devices for the Visually Challenged (Harendra Singh Solanki, 2008) [Jointly with Dr. J.K.Deka]
(24) Localizing Sensor Nodes and Mapping terrain Information using Mobile Robots (Sukumar Budharapu, 2008).
(25) An Optimal Approach for Feature Detection and Facial Expression Recognition using Fast Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Bacterial Foraging Technique (Anupam Singh 2009) [Jointly with Dr.P.K.Das]
(26) Emotional Robotics (Sumit 2010)
(27) Adrenaline based emotion generation for robots
(28) Mobile Wireless Sensor Node - Localization and terrain mapping


B.Tech. [Computer Science & Engg.]
(1) A Robot System Controlled through the Web
(2) Tool for Remote Data Mining
(3) An Intelligent Web Agent
(4) Intelligent Control of Robot (Stiquito) over the Web
(5) A Framework for Adaptive Agent System Based on Artificial Life.
(6) A Generic API for Device Controllers
(7) A Natural Language Interface for Commanding Robots over the Internet.
(8)  An Intelligent Agent for Robot Navigation
(9)  An Architecture to control devices via the Internet
(10)  Parallel Data Mining in a Distributed Environment.
(11)  Intelligent Robot Path Planning
(12) RobIN: Robots in Net (Lego & Robix-Rascal Robots) (Microsoft Inc. Sponsored – Microsoft Academic Alliance)
(13) Internet Chores Learner Agent for Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Inc. Sponsored– Microsoft Academic Alliance)
(14) Gene Micro-Array Data Analysis
(15) Enhanced Web Search
(16) Toddler based Learning Mechanism
(17) An Artificial Immune System based approach for English Grammar Checking
(18) Embedding Intelligence in Robots present in a Network
(19) Agentised Unstructured Knowledge base Question Answering System
(20)Application and analysis of Recommendation Systems
(21) Desktop based Intelligent Assisting Agent for Linux Environment
(22) Emulation of Artificial Life on a Distributed Platform
(23) CHAKSHU – A Computer Interface for the Visually Challenged [Joint with Dr.P.K.Das & Dr. J.K.Deka]
(24) An Artificial Immune System based Spam Filter
(25) Mail Categorization using Text Categorization
(26) CHAKSHU – The Braille Printer
(27) Application of machine learning techniques to Natural Language Processing
(28) An affordable and economical Brailler Printer
(29) An Intelligent Mobile agents platform