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Teaching Material Development

1) Development of a web course on Cell Biology for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Phase II.

2) Development of a web course on Intellectual Property Rights for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Phase II.

Administrative Responsibilities

Institute level

Member Institute IPPC committee 2013 onwards

Member Institute Placement committee 2009-2011

Departmental level  
DUPC member 2008-2010
Placement coordinator 2009-2011


Ph.D Supervision

Name of the Student Thesis Title / Area Status
P.Saravanan Studies on understanding and exploiting potential of lipases. 2009-2013 (awarded)
Bhaskar Das Isolation, purification and characterization of phenol metabolizing enzyme from microalgae. 2009-ongoing.
Sonali Seth Unravelling solvent and pH stability of enzymes.  2010-ongoing
Debamitra Chakravorty Attaining protein thermostability-A rationalised approach. 2010-ongoing
Nivedita Singh Imaidazole based compounds as therapeutic molecules. 2011-ongoing
Faheem Khan Studies on behaviour and application of extremophilic enzymes. 2012-ongoing
Nitendra Yadav Exploring Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteome for therapeutics and diagnosis. 2012-ongoing
Anil Shukla

Targeting redox metabolism  of Leishmania parasite for potential  chemotherapy of Leishmaniasis

Priyamvada Jain

Biosensors for malaria detection