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Sl.No Title Sponsers Period PI CO-PI
11 A novel process for thermostable gene prospecting from thermophilic genome. CSIR 2013-16 Dr. S. Patra  
10 Unravelling the rationale behind solvent stability of proteins (Reccomended) DBT 2014-17 Dr. S. Patra Dr. S.P. Kanaujia
9 Structure, Function, Dynamics and Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs). (Approved) DBT 2012-15

Dr. S. Patra


Dr. V.Subramaniyam CLRI Chennai & Dr. V.K.Dubey IITG
8 Purification of caffeine from waste tea leaves and their transformation to potent pharmaceutical molecule DBT 2011-14 Dr. S. Patra Dr.P.K.Iyer
7 Protein stability prediction of lipases – in silico studies DIT 2008-11 Dr. S. Patra Dr. V.K.Dubey
6 X-ray crystallographic structure elucidation of key drug target enzymes of Leishmania donovani. DBT 2012-15 Dr.V.K.Dubey Dr. S. Patra
5 Winged Helix domain-oligonucleotide recognition as an axis to develop PfRIO-2 specific inhibitor: implication in anti-malarial drug development DBT 2011-14 Dr. V. Trivedi Dr. S. Patra
4 Studies on Peptide-conjugated nanoparticles mediated antileishmanial drug delivery to  Macrophages DBT 2011-14 Dr. V.K.Dubey Dr. S. Patra
3 Studies on effect of small molecule compound on folding and amyloid formation in protein CSIR 2009-12 Dr. V.K.Dubey Dr. S. Patra
2 Studies on trypanothione reductase from leishmania parasites: structure, function,folding and potential for chemotherapy DBT 2009-12 Dr. V.K.Dubey Dr. S. Patra
1 Studies and application of redox enzymes for bioelectronic devices DBT 2008-13 Dr. P.Goswami Dr. S. Patra